Our Strategic Direction

In 2014 our members voted to approve a new Strategic Direction for the union and its work.

It committed us to a wide range of objectives, which we summarised as one big vision: Inspiring & Supporting You to Love Lancaster

To make this happen we've put together a three-year plan that focuses on specific aspects of the strategy.

The Journey of Change

Our Journey of Change shows the incremental steps we want to make over three years and summarises what what success will look like in terms of what we want our members to be saying about us when the work is complete.

Click the image for a PDF of the document.

Strategy analysis

The Strategy Analysis diagram spells out the union's values, our priorities and the changes you'll see as we work towards achieving our big vision for the future of the union.

Click the image for a PDF of the document.

How we're doing

The matrix below shows some of the data we're using to measure our success. Figures presented below are from the 2014/15 Annual Report.

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We'd love to hear from you about things you think we can do to meet the objectives in our plans. Fill in our feedback form to let us know what you think.