Information for property owners

Joining our headlease scheme is SIMPLE and there are NO COSTS involved

Just contact our office to arrange a ‘New Property Inspection’. During this visit the property owner will meet a member of the Housing Team at the property, where an appraisal of the property will be completed in order that LUSU Living may assess the properties suitability.

This visit also provides an opportunity for the Housing Team to further explain our scheme and answer any questions the property owner may have.

Further to this visit LUSU Living will provide the property owner with a formal offer. This offer will include a rent that LUSU expect to be able to achieve and will guarantee the payment once suitable tenants have been secured.

There are no hidden charges when a property owner decides to join our scheme, rents are guaranteed and we provide an inclusive range of services to our property owners.

Read about the service we provide to property owners in more detail.