Academic Reps

Academic Reps make a difference at Lancaster. They represent the authentic student voice in their department, work with the Students' Union to tackle academic issues, and make real change in the University.

So why not get involved?

Once elected as an Academic Rep, you’ll think outside the box when consulting with students, innovate when engaging with your department, and make sure that the University is delivering the highest standard of teaching and support. You will also develop fantastic skills which will make you more attractive to employers!

You’ll liaise with students on your course, feed back to your department, and work on any issues in regular Union Faculty Forums, where you’ll get the chance to network with the other Reps in your Faculty. You will be a valued member of your department, responsible for suggesting any areas they need to work on, and highlighting what they’re doing well!

Like the idea of improving your skills as a Rep and becoming more employable in the process? Get involved with the Rep Development Scheme! You’ll take part in skills sessions to diversify your skill set, think outside the box when getting feedback from your peers, and innovate the way you talk to your department.

Have any questions? We have a great opportunity profile here which goes into more detail. You can email us at, or pop into the students' union office for a chat - we're just by the Learning Zone!

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