Set up a new club or society

Creating a new society

There is a huge range of societies to join at Lancaster, a list of which can be seen here. However, if you’ve had a look and nothing is catching your eye, we can potentially help you to set up your own group.

Please note: Due to high levels of interest in setting up societies, we are not currently accepting new group applications. Applications are due to reopen in Michaelmas Term 2018.


Societies affiliated with Lancaster University Students’ Union you can make the most of the following benefits:

  • Invitations to participate in the large events that happen throughout the year.
  • Access to University Rooms, including The Great Hall complex and LICA Building
  • Health & Safety support; all members are insured and we’ll help you to ensure all activities are safe
  • Space on our website with visibility to the whole student body, event promotion through iLancaster and no card transaction fees for membership sales and event ticket sales
  • The chance to get funding for your activities
  • Advice on how to organise trips,  which companies to use etc
  • Guest list entry to Sugarhouse
  • Free skills training
  • Accredited training options: food hygiene, first aid
  • Financial experience 
  • A business address
  • Contracts and employment admin for professional coaches/trainers
  • Full time sabbatical officer and staff support


Find out more: please email