All In

All In is a new, innovative pilot project launched by Lancaster University Students’ Union in 2019.

The main aim of All In is to work in collaboration with student groups to improve the inclusivity of university sport teams alongside the diversity of each team’s members.

This in turn will help to ensure that no student faces barriers to getting physically active and participating in university sport. How does All In work? At the core of the campaign is the “All In mark”.

This is an accreditation that shows your club is working hard to ensure that there are no barriers to participation. This accreditation is a tiered system, with the opportunity to be awarded bronze, silver or gold marks.

In order to be awarded a mark, clubs will have to fulfil specific criteria to gain points, with the more points collected, the higher the level of accreditation.

To do this, groups will be asked to submit evidence of their work in specific areas; the details of what we are looking for in particular criteria are listed after each section.

There are currently five different areas of criteria that will be reviewed, each of which are laid out in the guide. But while the five areas are separate there is cross-over between them, and being more inclusive in one area can positively impact other areas going forward.

Reviewing submissions will be a panel led by the Vice-President (Activities). They will be supported by the students’ union Sports Development Manager and the Education & Support Manager.

Submissions will be reviewed twice a year, with the two submission deadlines being late Spring and early Autumn.


How can your club benefit from All In?


There are numerous reasons why you, your club, and its members should participate in All In. Here are just a few:

  • Removing barriers to participation at the club will result in more members, which in turn should help make the club more sustainable, as well as get better results
  • A more inclusive and diverse club can help to improve club morale, as everyone will feel involved
  • There is potential for changes to result in a more positive overall club culture
  • It is a great opportunity to advertise the great work you are doing! Your work will be publicised internally and externally
  • It is a chance to spread inspiring individual stories. If you or a team-mate has overcome barriers to participation, no matter what, let us know and the story will get out there
  • Those involved will be able to access a range of great training and workshop opportunities, enabling members to learn new skills and gain qualifications
  • Access to a network of external expert organisations linked to the project
  • An All In mark will make your club stand out, and show your commitment to constant improvement to benefit your members
  • Improve member retention levels
  • A more positive external club image


Is your club All In?


Your club is likely already doing things to be more inclusive, and probably fulfil areas of the criteria without even knowing it!

But even if it is not just a few small changes could put it well on its way.

Being an All In club is simply about committing to continuously improving, being proactive in reviewing club practice and activity, and being brave in tackling any issues that you may discover.

All In is also about recognising success comes not just through competition and activity, but through caring about your members developing and having a positive experience.

An All In club is one that ensures its activities don’t negatively impact others, and is actively working towards breaking down all the barriers that might be stopping students getting involved with the club in any capacity.


Download the All-In criteria

All-In Guide & Case Studies

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