All In campaign

What is All In?

All In is a new strategy, launched by the students’ union in 2019 in collaboration with all of our student groups, aiming to improve the inclusivity and diversity of members within our sports teams and societies so that no student faces barriers to participation in activity.

Where did All In come from?

All In came out of research from external organisations such as British Universities & Colleges Sport (BUCS), and the NUS. BUCS has undertaken research projects into the links between physical activity and mental health; the benefits of being involved in sports on employability; research into women’s participation in sport; and sharing good practice around disability-inclusive sports. The 'Sports, Sports, Sports!' report from the NUS focuses on removing barriers and increasing participation in sports, and outlines the specific challenges costs pose on students, but also the obstacles that students from liberation backgrounds face when wanting to get involved. From this research, we knew that there was a difference that we as a students' union could make for our members, in collaboration with our sports clubs, societies and other student groups.

Why should you be involved?

This project is an amazing opportunity for student groups to celebrate all the great work you’re already doing, and use guidance from the students’ union and external organisations to find areas for improvement. Working to ensure that there are no barriers to participation is a positive step towards increasing the number of students interested in your group, and will make a difference to the diversity of your membership, too. Not only will this process improve prospects for students who face barriers, you may find that any changes will create more general positive culture change in your group. To help you to celebrate your successes, groups who are successful with the All In project will be publicised through the students’ union’s communication channels. For those who achieve the All In mark, using the logo will be useful during recruitment to stand out from other clubs and show your commitment to continuous improvement. We will also host a celebration event to recognise the massive effort that groups have put into the project and to reward those that go the extra mile.

How does it work?

All In is a tiered system so groups can achieve a bronze, silver, or gold All In mark. To achieve any points, groups must fulfil the set criteria by showing us how they have completed the particular task. To do this, groups will be asked to submit evidence of their work in a particular area; the details of what we are looking for in particular criteria will be listed in our criteria document. We will be reviewing submissions twice a year - the first submission cycle deadline is September 1 and the second is May 1. Reviewing submissions will be a panel made up of students led by the Vice-President (Activities). They will be supported by the union's Sports Development Manager and the Education & Support Manager.

What does being an All In group look like?

Being an All In group is being a group which commits to continuously improving based on identifying weak areas and being brave in tackling them. It is about recognising that success comes not only through competition and activity, but through caring about the experience of your members. An All In group is one that is proud to ensure its activities don’t negatively impact others, and is engaged in improving the accessibility of its activity for all, regardless of any protected characteristics.

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