Black History Month


Presenting a Black History Month like never before.

Thanks to the digital space in which many of this year's events will reside, we will be collaborating with other students', unions and groups across the UK to celebrate & educate throughout Black History Month (October 1st - October 31st 2020). 

You can still watch many of this year's fully-fledged & fantastic #BHM2020 events developed by our BAME Students' Officer Max Kafula. Throughout the month, we explored topics including White Privilege, The Black Lives Matter movement, the black student experience, the British Empire and intersectionality. 



What is White Privilege? Part 1 🡵 Part 2 🡵

A workshop understanding the history, misconceptions, examples and future of White Privilege with BAME Students' Officer Max Kafula.

What' in a name: The link between the Sugarhouse and Lancaster's Slave Trading Past 🡵

Discover the history of the site and explore the debate with panellists, Professor Alan Rice, Professor Imogen Taylor, Fabiha Askari and Sunita Abraham, in this stand-out event.

Understanding Microaggressions 🡵

Our very own BAME Students' Officer Max Kafula presents a workshop not to be missed, exploring the history, misconceptions, examples and future of microaggressions.

Decolonizing Lancaster University 🡵

It's time to talk decolonising Lancaster University; exploring the inherent bias excluding BAME voices and experiences from the curriculum. In this talk, our guest panellist will discuss what it means, how it works and how it can be undone. Speakers include, Max Kafula (LUSU BAME Officer), Irene Kyomuhangi (Lancaster Medical School), Leoni Connah (PPR), Students & ‘Why is my Curriculum White?’ campaign members Wacera Thande and Fabiha Askari, Sunita Abraham
and Richard Budd.