Sporting Fixtures

A full timetable of college sporting fixtures is available to view. Sports fixtures lists

The Carter Shield

The Carter Shield is played for every fortnight throughout the year. All nine colleges take part in a variety of sports such as volleyball, rounders, dodgeball and tag-rugby, there is something for everyone. Each sport counts for a different number of points and the college with the most at the end of the year Carter Shieldis awarded the Carter Shield trophy.

All members of the university are allowed to take part in Carter Shield events, so if you are interested in representing Bowland, our sports reps Savia Pettinella and Harry Hopkinson will be able to give you more details.

The George Wyatt Cup

The GeorSAM_1285ge Wyatt is the inter-college bar sports trophy which includes men’s and women’s Darts, men’s and women’s pool and  dominoes.

Trials for all the bar sport teams take place in Welcome Week/Week 1 so look out for information around Bowland if you would like to take part. All welcome abilities welcome.


Football and Netball

Bowland has three men’s football teams and threee women’s netball teams for all abilities. They compete in college leagues over the first and second terms. Try-outs for these teams will be in the first few weeks of your term at Bowland. Follow the football lads on twitter:




The Founders Series

To celebrate Bowland and Lonsdale as the two founding colleges, each year there is a weekend of sports competitions between us to find out who is the greatest college. There is a huge number of events with the likes of basketball, football, cricket, golf, a quiz and a debating competition. There are also great social events planned for the evenings that you don’t want to miss. The current score stands at 8-4 to Bowland!