Enjoying YOUR Summer Term: An interview with the Bowland Events Team.

Monday 14-05-2018 - 16:36

Hey Bowland,

This week I sat down with your events reps (Jack and Hinesh) to ask about how they plan to celebrate this final term:

You recently organised a night out to Preston, how did it go? And would you consider organising something similar in the future? 

Preston was a huge success! We organised the event with Pendle College and had a great turnout from both colleges. The event was a lot of fun, as it was organised so that students were able to attend whichever clubs and bars that they wanted to (as long as we knew where they were) We 100% intend to organise something similar in the future, but with our eyes set on a larger city. 

So Bowland College's Preston Night out was a huge success, have there been any other events this year that Bowland really enjoyed? 

We've organised plenty of events that we’re pretty proud of, including but not limited to: The Bingo Nights, Film Nights, Fortnightly Quiz and a team up with Lush. However our personal favourite was the Valentine’s Day blind date night. This was another event joined with other colleges and was hosted by myself, Jack Slater. This helped to develop our relationships with the other colleges and has opened doors for more cross-over events in the future.

I feel like Bowland College's JCR space is really underrated. Are there any events that people can attend to feel more connected to their college bar?

One of our most attended events is the fortnightly quiz that takes place in the JCR space on Thursday (every two weeks). The format is 6 rounds of 10 questions, with the winners taking all of the £1 entries from everyone taking part. This is a great way to earn some fun prizes, we often have SugarHouse Free Entry Vouchers to hand out.

While it is exam season, are there any Bowland College Socials events that you are excited for this term?

As it is exam period we have opted to organise events that will provide revision breaks for our students (rather than tire them out). We are often teaming up with the Bowland College Welfare team, for example during our upcoming Pizza and Relax Day. So keep your eyes peeled for that!

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