Meet the New JCR!

Tuesday 29-01-2019 - 17:17

Hello fellow Bowlanders!

As the JCR of 2019, we would like to introduce ourselves so you can become more familiar with who we are and some of our responsibilities we will undertake throughout the coming year.

President – Charlie Bradbury

Hi, I’m Charlie and I am the Bowland JCR President! This year I want to do all I can to improve the college and deliver a successful program of events! If anyone wants to sit down and have a chat, I’m always in Bowland Bar 2-4pm on a Monday and would love to talk about anything and everything.

Any suggestions please email the JCR mail box:

Vice-President – Niall Valentine

Hi I’m Niall and I’m a second-year criminology student from Burnley. I am this year’s Vice President of Bowland as well as being the social secretary for Bowland FC. As Vice President I’m mainly responsible for planning Extrav which I’m really looking forward to and hopefully will be the most amazing night of the year! I will also work alongside other members of the JCR and provide support when and where necessary.

Democracy and Finance Representative – Dylon Grassie

Hi, I'm Dylon the new Democracy and Finance officer for Bowland. My job is to monitor the finances of the JCR so we can run great events all year. I also organise the elections for the next JCR and most importantly make sure all Bowland college members have a voice. If you have any queries, concerns or just want a chat you can email the JCR mailbox and I'm often in Bowland bar during the day too.

Female/Non-binary Welfare Representative – Katie Chilvers

Hi, I’m Katie and I’m in my second year studying Psychology. As a Welfare Representative, I help put on events that promote and combat topics such as wellbeing, employability, academic issues and environmental awareness. My position also includes being a point of contact for Bowland College members regarding any of the topics above. I am able to signpost anyone with any issues relating to wellbeing etc. to the appropriate support. My main goal within this position is to put on fun, useful and inclusive events while also acting as a friendly face among the Bowland community.

Male/Non-binary Welfare Representative – Luke Dolan

Hi I’m Luke and I’m one of the Welfare Officers for Bowland! This year I intend on delivering bi- weekly events to cater to all students in the college, offering signposting sessions for students who need help as well as training all freshers reps to ensure a successful fresher’s week for all! If anyone has any suggestions for events they would like us to run/campaigns to promote or even if you just want to chat about anything please feel free to contact us!

International Student Representative – Aarti Verma

Hi, I am Aarti Verma and I'm the International Students Representative. This is year I am going planning a lot of useful events for the international students. If you have any events in mind or if you feel anything else should be considered, then please do not hesitate to get in contact!

Equality Representative – Lauren Cross

Hi, I’m Lauren and I’m the new Equality Representative. This year I aim to help make Bowland as fair and inclusive as possible. I will be working with the welfare team to hold bi-weekly events with plenty of free food and activities. Can’t wait to see you all there!

Female Sports Representative – Laura Dawson

I’m one of the two sports reps this year and I am a first year studying French and Chinese. I have three main roles as sports rep: supporting the captains of all the Bowland College sports teams; organising Founders; and encouraging all members of the college to get involved in sport whether that be just recreational or at college or university level. My main priority as sport’s rep is to encourage as many people to get involved in different sports as possible. I truly believe that there is a sport for everybody, it’s just a case of having the opportunity to have a go. Hopefully this year by putting on a range of college taster sessions we can get loads more people enjoying sport.

Male Sports Representative – Lewis Corrick

Hi I’m Lewis and I am your Male Sports Representative. I am hoping to achieve better publicity for our current sports teams and improve general inclusion in the Carter Shield events from all our college members. In addition, I am also looking forward to organising our annual Founders’ series vs Lonsdale, which I hope will be an enjoyable and inclusive weekend of activities. A win for Bowland would be a bonus too!

Socials and Events Representatives –

Martha Lloyd, Stuart Fraser, Calvin Coffey

Hi, we’re Calvin, Martha and Stuart and we’re your Bowland Social and Events team for 2019! We organise a bi-weekly quiz, bar crawls, the winter ball and a range of other events. We want to make this year’s events as good as possible, and we welcome any feedback/ideas to improve or create new events, which you can send to us via email. We look forward to hearing from you and hopefully seeing you at this year’s events!

Communications Representative – Kerry Bolland

Hi, I'm Kerry, I am the Communications Representative for this year. That means I get to run all of the social media platforms for the college, so if you ever message one of the platforms you'll probably end up talking to me! And if there are typos in posts or messages that'll be me as well, sorry in advance

Publicity Representative – Claire Baker

Hi, I am Claire a second year Marketing student. I am Bowland College's Publicity Representative, so produce graphics for Bowland events and work along-side the communications officer. I am passionate about media and photography. Plus, I am eager to use my skills in these areas to provide interesting, engaging graphics to keep all Bowland members informed about college events.

Magazine Editor – Emma Johnston

Hi, I am Emma and I am Bowland’s Magazine Editor and this year I intend on providing useful and relevant content regarding all things Bowland! Therefore, I want to include anything and everything that the members of our college get up to outside the lecture theatre and show everyone what really makes Bowland so great. And so, with regards to the magazine, if you would like to include a feature about what you do or even have your say and write an article please get in contact!


Hopefully this has helped you understand our individual roles and provide information with regards to the relevant member of the JCR you should contact should an issue ever occur.

We are, without a doubt, really looking forward to working with each and every one of you to keep making Bowland the best college on campus!

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