The Bowland Lady Magazine- Summer Term 2018 Edition 1

Monday 30-04-2018 - 11:00
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Welcome Back Bowland! With words from the Bowland College President and Vice-Pres.

Hey Bowland, we hope you all had an enjoyable Easter Break. We are preparing for another great term, with loads of events planned to help you make the most of your exam term. As a JCR we would like to wish you good luck in your exams and we can’t wait to celebrate with Founders and Extravs after.

Message from Bowland College Vice-President Fatemah Khan:

"Hey Everyone!! I hope you all had a great Easter break and hopefully this term will be as good as the others. I know third term can be challenging for all of us with exams, but the JCR and SCR will still be having events to relax and support you. I just want to wish everyone good luck as well and hope we all do great. Apart from this, we also do have Extravs at the end of June to give a grand farewell to this year so do keep your calendars free."

Message from Bowland College President Oli Self:

“Hey Everyone! The third term brings with it a whole host of events and rest assured, Bowland College’s SCR and JCR Exec will be here for you, putting together plenty of stress-busting events, tips and tricks to take our minds off of the exam period. Personally, I’d like to wish us all good luck this term, just remember not to over-extend yourselves and that if you feel as though things may be becoming too hard for you to tackle on your own, we have an excellent welfare team that are available to help! As well as the university’s own dedicated channels! Remember to enjoy the moments that you get, whether that’s having a chilled flat BBQ, coming down to our breakfast and smoothies’ events, or attending some Roses sports! And I’m sure that the hard work we all put in will pay off! As always, stay tuned via our Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram feeds for all the latest Bowland news!”


Making the most of your Bowland Study Spaces.

During Summer Term our Lancaster University Campus can get really busy, with all students utilising study spaces and facilities. I’m sure that you will all relate to heading to the Library and struggling to find a space to sit. However, Bowland Students often forget that we have some really great study spaces within Bowland College:

1. Our dedicated Bowland College Study Space is located down the corridor of Bowland Porters. There are computers, desks and couches which cater to all different styles of study. Bowland Study Space is designed to be a quiet working environment and is a great option to study if the Library is full.


2. If you are looking to engage in group study, or enjoy working in a relaxed working environment, then you may find that the Bowland JCR Space is great alternative for The Learning Zone. Our Bowland JCR Space is located centrally on campus, so can be great for those looking to work or take a break in a relaxed environment.


3. If you are an off-campus student and you’re putting in long hours on campus, you may struggle to plan your food out and often end up buying food on campus. However, within Bowland College we also have the off-campus kitchen, located next to the Bowland Study Space. The off-campus kitchen will likely be supportive in helping you to plan your meals out before you reach campus.


How to be a respectful student during exam season?

Exam season can be stressful for all students, so it can be essential that we all work towards supporting one another. Here are a couple of tips to be a respectful student, so that we can all make the most of the facilities here at Lancaster University:

  1. Respect the Library zones. You may have noticed that B Floor has now become a silent floor, try to respect these zones as much as possible. There are plenty of outlets on Campus which support group study.
  2. If you are planning on leaving the library for an extended period, then perhaps consider if somebody else could use your space- especially if the library is exceptionally busy.
  3. Try not to use a computer if you don’t need one. Some students need these computers for programmes, therefore try to use other spaces where possible if you don’t need one.
  4. Tidy up after yourself in the Library. Leaving mess on study spaces can make them unusable, try to leave all spaces in a clean and workable condition.
  5. If you notice any technical issues in the Library make sure to point them out, or they will continue for the next students.
  6. Try to keep late excess noise to a minimum. You may not be aware of your flatmate’s exam timetables, so try to be as respectful as possible when it comes to noise.
  7. Attempt to keep an eye out for the mental health of your flat mates. Some students can find exam season really stressful, try to ensure that your flatmates are okay and seek help if not.
  8. When booking study spaces, make sure that they are for study especially during busy times when groups of students may require them for group work.  


Tips for looking after your mental health during exam season:

Self-care: Self Care can mean many different things to different people. Whether it is putting on face mask, watching a good movie, eating healthy or just finding some time to relax, make sure that you take some time for the things you enjoy (and that includes Sugarhouse).

Eating for your health: It can be really easy to get into bad eating habits during exam season, and there’s nothing wrong with those snacks to help you with your revision. However, having a regular eating pattern can do all sorts of good for your health. You need to be in as best health as possible so that you can make best use of your time, during those all-important revision sessions.

USE your phone to help you: Smartphones can distract us from work, however they also have some really amazing benefits and can bring knowledge and expertise to our fingertips. Apps including ‘Self Help for Anxiety Management’, ‘Headspace’ and ‘The Mindfulness app’ (Among many others) can be amazing for helping anxiety and helping you relax.

Exercise: It’s really important to find time for physical exercise when you’re studying, particularly during exams. Exercising is one (scientifically proven) way to improve your mental health. It will help you stay cool, calm and collected, leaving you feeling more energised and refreshed for your studying.

Not a huge fan of exercising? That’s cool. It doesn’t have to be a highly intensive work out. It can be as simple as avoiding that lift and walking all the way up to C floor.

Get a good night’s sleep: I’m sure we all know the many benefits of getting a good sleep. The longer you sleep, the longer your mind has to rejuvenate (but make sure to not overdo it). Help your mind and revision by trying to get 8 hours of sleep every night.


And if you find that you’re struggling or would just like somebody to talk to, make sure to come and speak to your Bowland College Welfare reps:

You can come and speak to one of your reps during the drop-in sessions on Friday from 2pm till 4pm in the JCR office (down the corridor near Bowland Porters). However, our welfare team also welcomes emails and will support you however they can. Our female welfare rep Fiona can be contacted on: and our male welfare rep Andrew can be contacted on: . You can also get in contact with our welfare team by messaging our Bowland College Facebook Page:


Events to look forward to…

Despite being exam season, there is plenty to look forward to this term:

Extravs: Keep Extravs in your mind. Make your to keep an eye out for the theme release dates. We discussed Extravs last magazine, you can read that here:

Our Bowland College Socials: Our socials reps have some really great events planned, including a night out to Preston on the 27th April, and the return of our famous Bowland College Quiz.

Founders: You may have noticed that The Founders 2018 promotion has been put on Facebook and our Bowland College Captains have been released. Join in the pre-founders fun by clicking on The Founders 2018 event:




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