Welcome to Lancaster- Bowland Lady Magazine 2018.

Saturday 29-09-2018 - 10:29
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Welcome to Lancaster- Bowland Lady Magazine.


Hi all, I’d like to start by extending a BIG Bowland College welcome to all of our current and prospective Bowland College students here at Lancaster University. I’m sure you’re all really excited to start your next chapter and we as a college cannot wait to meet you all at Fresher’s Week.

Starting university is always an exciting experience. You’ll probably have noticed that, compared to other universities Lancaster starts a few weeks later. If you also have friends starting University, it can be hard not to feel left behind upon seeing their social media posts- with new friends and in new places. However, there are plenty of benefits to starting a little later. For example, you have longer to prepare yourself with all the things that you may need at University and you can learn from your friends advice. But also, when every other university is settling down and starting their lectures, it’s Lancaster’s turn to have a good time.

Within this episode of the Bowland Lady Magazine, we’ll be discussing your first term, outlining the who, what, when and where of Lancaster University and I know that as a JCR we cannot wait to meet you all.


Word from the Bowland College President:


Hey guys, For those of you returning, welcome back to Lancaster and Bowland College. To those of you joining us, I wish you a very warm welcome to our college community and I wish you all the best for an exciting 3 years. I would just like to say I hope everyone has a fun (but safe) Welcome Week! The JCR Exec has organised the week for you guys, and there is a lot going on at that, and there is something for everyone – just have a go and have a laugh! University is an exciting time of new things and new challenges in life, but it is also a massive step. If you do feel at all daunted by this prospect, please do feel free to approach our lovely reps or come and speak to one of us JCR Exec members. The people you will meet may stay with you forever and the friendships you will make will be lifelong. Bowland truly is the friendliest of the colleges at Lancaster, so don’t forget to get involved in college life. As I said, I wish you all the best and I can’t wait to meet you all. Have fantastic Welcome Week, this is your week!

George, Bowland President.


Lancaster University- Explained.


You’ve probably seen a couple of words that keep coming up (JCR, Bowland, Collegiate System). Here, I try to explain some of the things which will be useful to know…


What is the collegiate system?


According to the Lancaster University Website:


‘Lancaster is proud to be one of only a handful of UK universities to have a collegiate system. We have nine colleges in total, eight for undergraduate students and one for postgraduate students.

Each and every one of our students is assigned to a specific college upon starting study at Lancaster, independent of your field of study, making for a lively, welcoming and diverse community where it's easy to make life-long friends with students of many nationalities and academic specialisms.  A small membership fee is required which goes towards the running of each College.

It's easy to get involved, too: the student-elected Junior Common Room committees (why not take on a leadership role within your college?) focus on social and sporting activities, with inter-college competitions and sports leagues, regular college trips and excursions.

Moreover, every undergraduate student is given details of their College Advisor Team who, in addition to your academic department and the Students' Union, provides support throughout the year, and it's always possible to drop into the College Office for a chat.’



But that’s not even half of it. The collegiate system will be integral to your experience at Lancaster University. Colleges aren't just about which halls of residence you'll be staying in: they're lively and close-knit communities offering a range of facilities and services, each with its own distinctive character and support network. The colleges are also home to plenty of great events, there are Collegiate sport rivalries (ours is with other founding College Lonsdale), and the College Bars and JCR Space are often a social hub for the students to socialise. For more information on the Collegiate system, Lancaster University produced a video which can be viewed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7mA7x3NbVmQ.


What is the JCR Exec?


The Junior Common Room Committee is the student elected leadership body and they can be found within every college in Lancaster University. There are various individual roles, but as a group they work with the SCR (Senior Common Room) in the running of the college life, events and welfare.


Meet your JCR Exec:


President: George O’Brien . “Hey! I’m George and I am the President of Bowland. Outside of this I study History and I am also the President of the History Society. My role on the JCR Exec is to lead and direct the team, but also to represent you guys as the college. Bowland is a great community, and I hope to really promote this and bring everyone together, so please do feel free to speak to me whenever if you have any ideas or just for a chat!”


Vice President: Jack Taylor. “Hi, I'm Jack and I'm Bowland's Vice President, I study Drama, Theatre, and Performance I work closely with George to help him out to take the college in the direction we want it to go. I'm a very approachable person and happy to talk about absolutely anything, so don't hesitate to get in touch.”


Democracy and Finance: Sam Barnes. “Hi guys my names Sam and I’m the Bowland Democracy and Finance representative. I help to run the finances and democratic functions of the college. It's hard to make Bowland any better than it already is but if you have any ideas for improving any aspect of college life, then feel free to contact me via social media or in person!”


Female Welfare: Fiona Simpson. “Hey I’m Fiona, and I’ll be your Female Welfare Rep for the next year. I love all things Bowland, especially how friendly everyone is and I hope we can keep building on our college pride this year! I can’t wait to start getting to know you all – come chat whenever!”


International Welfare Rep: Pablo Bilbao. “Hello everyone, I'm Pablo your international representative for the next couple of terms. For me Bowland is a place I can call a home away from home and I'll try to transmit this feeling to you by preserving the welcoming and multicultural environment of the college”


Equality Welfare Rep: Jade McGimpsey. “Hey guys, I’m Jade and I’ll be your equality rep for 2018! My main aims for this year are to ensure fair and equal treatment of all Bowlanders as well as organising events/ campaigns targeted at inequality issues. Please feel free to drop me a message or speak to me if you see me around!”


Female Sports: Neve Rawlinson. “Hi everyone, I’m Neve and I’m Bowland’s Female Sports Rep! I also play for Bowland College Netball club. For me, Bowland is all about togetherness and I think one of the best ways to bring people together is through sports. I hope to make this another amazing year of Bowland Sport!”


Male Sports: Ben Fielding. “Hey guys and gals! I'm Ben, and I am the Male Sports Rep for Bowland College. I help to organise the sporting events that the college takes part in. I play football and have scored 5 goals in 4 appearances against Lonsdale so far, including one at founders.”


Events: Hinesh Chohan. “Hi I’m Hinesh and I have been elected as your new socials and events rep. This entails organising many of the colleges trips. Other than that, I play for Bowland’s football C-team and for the short time of being here I have recognised the passion for Bowland College and hope to provide the same!”


Events: Jack Slater. “Hi I’m Jack and I’m a first year physics student as well as your social Rep! I can’t wait to organise the best, and most inclusive socials yet! See you around!”


Communications: Sarah Case. “Hi fellow Bowlanders! I’m Sarah and I am Bowland’s new Communications Rep. I aim to improve our current engagement with students by broadening media access. I want to practice a wider media range, including Instagram, WeChat, Snapchat and Facebook, to document events and activities, sharing them with existing and alumni Bowlanders.”


Publicity: Munirih Marie. “Hey everyone! I'm Muni and originally from the Caribbean. I study Physics, Astrophysics & Cosmology but I'm also Bowland's publicity rep. This means most of the posters, social media graphics and photographs you see for Bowland have been designed/taken by me! If you ever happen to see me around, feel free to stop me for a quick chat (and maybe a photo or two.) I can't wait for us all to experience this new year together!”


Magazine Editor: Tom Scott. “Hey all! I’m Tom and I have been elected as the magazine editor for Bowland College. Other than being on the JCR I am one of the POMs for the English department. Within my role I am hoping to set up a Bowland Bloggers forum, as an outlet for student work.”


Interview with your Welfare Team


The Welfare team is one of the most integral parts of the JCR and they play an important role in ensuring the continued strength of the community spirit in Bowland College. I sat down with them to discuss their role within our college and how they can support you;

Why did you apply to be a Welfare Officer? 

Fiona (Female Welfare): I applied to be a Welfare Rep mainly because I want to help people that need support. I’m training to be a Social Worker, which means I get taught so much about what kind of welfare issues there are and how these can be supported. I really want to make a difference in the college, and welfare refers to everything from academic work to psychological issues. I love talking to people and this is something that being a welfare officer enables me to do, and hopefully provide some reassurance/assistance for people who need it at the same time!

Can you describe your role to me?

Fiona (Female Welfare): My role is mainly to provide welfare support for anyone in the college, whether financial, academic, to do with mental health, relationships or any other issues. Most of this will involve me referring college members on to people that can help more, but I aim to be always available for a chat. The welfare team also organise events and campaigns for the college that hope to improve wellbeing and awareness of issues.

Who can or should get in touch with the welfare team?

Jade  (Equality Rep): Anyone and everyone can get in touch, between our welfare team we have office hours spread throughout the week, also you can usually find one of us in the JCR space and nearly always at any college event. We're all really friendly and would love to help with any issue large or small.

You can get in touch with your welfare reps via their emails: p.bilbao@lancaster.ac.uk,
j.mcgimpsey@lancaster.ac.uk, f.simpson@lancaster.ac.uk.



Freshers Week and Moving in.


10 Freshers Week Tips


  1. Using a doorstop can be a great way to make your room more approachable, so its much easier to make that first conversation, within the flat.
  2. Stay hydrated and healthy
  3. Look out for your new flatmates
  4. Don’t expect to make best friends with your flat mates in one week, while this may happen for some- others make friends through societies and their academic subject.
  5. Keep safe, and stay with your Fresher Reps.
  6. Try to step out of your comfort zone.
  7. Be openminded and kind to all.
  8. Going to town at the start of the week to get your groceries is better than buying meals out all week.
  9. Try to step out of your comfort zone and get as involved with your flat as possible.
  10. ENJOY IT and have fun.


20 Piece University Item Checklist 

  • Cutlery
  • Plates
  • Bedding
  • A washing up basket
  • Your reading list (if you have one)
  • Clothes
  • Your ID
  • Your Bowland College Fresher’s Pack (can be bought here https://lancastersu.co.uk/colleges/bowland/events)
  • Photos from home
  • Stationary
  • Cleaning products for your new room
  • Washing Up Liquid
  • Bathroom products
  • Toothbrush
  • Hairdryer
  • Towels
  • Fun items- Television/Games Console/Casual Reading Books
  • Pins- to decorate your pin board
  • Your Laptop (Laptops can also be borrowed from the Library)
  • Your Phone and Charger



My Favourite 3 College Bars Rated:


Bowland Bar: Obviously the best college bar, and where you will be spending your first night of Fresher’s Week. Bowland Bar is styled like an old pub- located within the trough of Bowland. Perfect place for a pint, a pie and a chat.

Notable For: The amazing range of Bowland Pies.


Grizedale Bar: Evidently the most modern bar, Grizedale bar is the preferred pre-Sugar spot of many students. With deals on their famous Cocktail pitchers, Grizedale bar is sure to be one of your favourites.

Notable For: Cocktails and Pitchers


Fylde Bar: As the bar of the sporting college, Fylde Bar is known for its Bar Sports and broadcasts of Sporting events. However, if sporting isn’t really your thing, Fylde bar is super popular for its food menu- selling Diner style Breakfasts and Burgers.

Notable for: Its fab food menu.


Events for your first term Calendar.

The Bowland Bar Quiz- Runs every other week. Keep your eye on our FB page for updates.

The Bowland College Winter Ball: Information to be released soon.

Halloween @ The Sugar House- Always a sell-out event, make sure to get tickets when they are released.

Events with the Bowland College events team and Welfare Team- Posted on the FB page regularly.


The A-Z of Lancaster Clubs:

If Clubbing is your scene- here is the A-Z on the clubs in Lancaster city centre.


Dalton Rooms. Known for its Lollipop Monday’s night, Dalton Rooms is the biggest local club in Lancaster. One of two clubs in Lancaster with two distinct rooms; Dalton Rooms is sure to have a DJ that you can vibe with. Check their FB Page- Dalton OR Glow for more info on events.


Generation. A new club in Lancaster, replacing the previous Bar Chupito and Bentleys. Generation is a new LGBT venue in Lancaster, and it opens during Fresher’s Week. It’s sure to become one of the new student hotspots in Lancaster.


Hustle. Known for its wide and popular variety of Shots. Hustle is open Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Hustle is loved by socials and students for its playlist and great drinks offers- make sure to get down.


Sugar House. The iconic Sugar House- Lancaster University and The University of Cumbria’s Student Club. Check the FB page for the Fresher’s week events held at the Sugar House, known for its themed events and decorations. You’re sure to see plenty of it during Fresher’s Week.


Turn Up (Sphere). Turn Up is a club night held at the Sphere Bar in Lancaster. Turn Up is Lancaster’s most popular RnB, Hip-Hop and Rap night. There’s usually two a term (one at the beginning and one at the end). Make sure to keep an eye out on the FB page for info on the first Turn Up of the term.




An opportunity for Bowland College Students.

If you’re a student in Bowland College and you’re interested in working with the Bowland Lady magazine, please email t.scott1@lancaster.ac.uk. The Bowland Lady magazine is ideal for blogging your time at Lancaster and Bowland College.



Here’s to a fabulous Fresher’s Week 2018

So, Bowland College, The JCR, SCR and University are super excited to meet you all. Remember if you have any questions direct them to our Bowland College Facebook page and we will be happy to help. We’ll see you all on Saturday 29th September.


Tom Scott



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