Why you have received a plant pot in your Bowland College flat.

Thursday 03-05-2018 - 15:15
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All of the flats in Bowland College are due to reieve a plant pot and sunflower seeds from your Bowland College Welfare Team. I sat down with a member of the Welfare Team to ask why. 

Would you be able to tell me why the plant pots and sunflower seeds are being put into all the flats in bowland?

Fiona (Women's Welfare Representative): It’s National Gardening Week this week so we wanted to get involved with that. Gardening is proven way to relieve stress and it is a nice activity to do as a flat. Hopefully it will cause some entertainment and exam stess relief. There's also an element of competition as well... as we’ll see who’s sunflower has grown the tallest at the end of term. 

How to care for your Sunflower?

  • Place the sunflowers in an area where they're exposed to at least six hours of full sunlight per day - an east or south-facing window is ideal. If needed, place the pots outside on a sunny patio or balcony, or expose them to fluorescent full spectrum lights. The sunflowers won't grow and flower well if they don't receive enough light.

    Put a saucer or tray underneath each pot and soak the soil with a watering can until the liquid drains from the drainage holes. Avoid getting the foliage wet and always discard the drained water. Water the sunflowers when the top inch of soil is dry. Aim to keep the soil moist -- not soggy. For optimum growth, especially focus on regular watering about 20 days before and after flowering. 

Source: http://homeguides.sfgate.com/care-sunflowers-inside-26624.html​

Why do i think planting the Sunflower is significant during this summer term?

I think planting the Sunflower seeds acts as a really good reminder for working hard and revising. Hopefully you are inspired to put the work in and see results. So get growing those sunflower seeds, and enjoy your summer term. 

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