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Update on post-lockdown activity restrictions 🡵

Tier 3 rating for Lancashire means face-to-face activity remains suspended

Lockdown update: Suspension of face-to-face activity 🡵

This suspension will run from Thursday 5th November 2020 until at least Wednesday 2nd December 2020.

The Sunflower Scheme for mask exempt students & staff 🡵  

If you're unable to wear a mask due to medical reasons, you can pick up a sunflower lanyard to signify this on campus. 

Care Necessities, Bare Necessities For Those In Need 🡵

To help you stay home and well-stocked we’re offering FREE Care Necessities bags with everyday essentials including loo roll and toothpaste. 

Essential Food Box Delivery Service 🡵

Essential Food Boxes, delivered directly to your door.

Emergency Food Aid for struggling students 🡵

If you're struggling financially and you are worried about your ability to provide yourself with sufficient food, we're here for you.

Sugarhouse Nightclub to pause operations until September 2021 🡵 

The Union’s Trustee Board has taken the decision to close the Sugarhouse for the short term in order to preserve the venue and ensure it can serve students in the long term