Don't Lose Your Cool Campaign

Being at University can be one of the most enjoyable, yet stressful times in our lives. We can quite often become bogged down and overwhelmed with the workload and our stress levels skyrocket with looming deadlines and exams 🚀🚀

🍦 ‘Don’t Lose Your Cool’ is a campaign by your Vice President: Campaigns & Communications, Lewis, aimed at helping students to relieve stress and improve mental well-being.

Activity in Michaelmas term included a launch with free ice cream 🍦
 on National Stress Awareness Day, art and crafts 🎨 and massages, free ‘Mood and Movies’ film screenings 🎬and giving away free lunches and self-care calendars to prevent those end of term blues. For Lent Term, Lewis aimed to tackle those winter blues by hosting giving students the opportunity to win some self-care prizes 🤩. Additionally, Lewis has stuck over 100 stickers with quotes around campus to hopefully inspire, educate and motivate students - plus sharing ‘Little pick me up’ packs (filled with fruit, chocolate, sweets and a couple of treats) on Valentine’s Day 💗 to encourage people to participate in random acts of kindness.

Don’t Lose Your Cool this exam season...

There are loads of great resources out there to help you practice self-care, plan your revision and stay on top out it!

Self-care calendars, revision timetables, revision checklist to promote exam wellbeing and importance of being prepared for exams and looking after yourself during this time. Check out these handy (& free!) resources...


Self Care Calendar

Daily Self Care Tracker

Self Care Apps

Revision Timetable

Revision Checklist