Full Time Officer Roles


The Full Time Officers lead the Students’ Union, represent the student body and work to change students’ lives for the better. But what does this mean?

  • Full Time Officers are trustees of the Students’ Union, meaning that they are responsible for making sure we are legally and financially sound and reaching our strategic goals. They might also be directors of our commercial services and governors of the University
  • They sit on every major University Committee, bring student opinions and feedback to the most senior levels of Lancaster University
  • They coordinate and lead their own projects and campaigns, overseeing groups of volunteers, managing budgets and delivering results
  • They liaise with local authorities, national student leaders, MPs and national organisations to make sure Lancaster students are getting the best deal out of university life

The Full Time Officers are all full-time, paid roles, based in the union office on Lancaster campus for a year. The term of office runs from the first day of Summer Vacation 2017 to the last day of term 2018 and you will need to be available during key periods, including induction and Welcome Week. If you have any questions about the term of office, get in touch with lusu.elections@lancaster.ac.uk

Each of the Full Time Officers has their own specific area of work, so that as a team they impact on every area of a student’s life. Click on the roles below to find out more about each one.




The Candidate Academy is your opportunity as a candidate to find out about the roles, the Students' Union, and the big issues that our members care about. You can read the Candidate Academy pack here.