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Amnesty International is a worldwide movement of people who campaign for human rights. We are based on the belief that individuals working together in international solidarity can bring about real change.

At Lancaster University, our aim is to raise awareness of human rights issues amongst the student body through fundraising, lobbying and campaigning action. Previously we have had success by holding stalls in Alex Square, meeting with our local MP, creating a social media storm, devising role-playing scenes and hosting discussions with Amnesty speakers. We look forward to hearing what exciting campaign ideas you have this year!

Join us and be a part of over 100 groups across the UK, made up of thousands of student activists whose commitment, creativity, enthusiasm and hard work are celebrated internationally. There will be opportunities throughout the year to meet with other student activists, by visiting Amnesty UK HQ for the annual Student Conference, AGM and Action for Change events. These are great ways to meet fellow campaigners, share ideas and take action!

Some of our previous events:

2017: Hosted Amnesty UK’s North West Conference.

2018: Passed a motion at the Amnesty AGM for Amnesty UK to campaign against discrimination based on caste.

2018: Write for Rights bake sale – sent letters to prisoners of conscience, whilst raising money for Amnesty.

2019: Talk by Jawad Fairooz, a former Bahraini MP who was made stateless in 2012 for criticising his government’s crackdown on peaceful protesters. He discussed the human rights implications of statelessness and human rights in Bahrain.

2019 onwards: Involved in the Lancaster University Refugee Scholarship Campaign, which aims to introduce financial support for displaced people to study at Lancaster University, and to make Lancaster University a more welcoming place for refugees and asylum seekers.


Meetings are held every Tuesday, 7-8pm online.w Anyone is welcome to attend. 


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