Hiphop & Breakdance

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We are Lancaster University's official Hip Hop and Breakdance Society! We teach street dance, breakdance, stunts, krumping, popping and locking, vogue, commercial etc. We also hold regular workshops and collaborate with other societies. 

Classes are held every Tuesday at 6-8pm with workshops every three weeks. There will be two free taster sessions for fresher's week, so do attend and vibe with us!

We the members come from different backgrounds and are all strangers turned friends through dancing, so don't hesitate to join the family!

Every year we take part in the GHGH (Go Hard or Go Home) UK dance competition and you can audition to become the competition team member. We additionally offer great opportunities to perform for various events held on campus. We always look forward to welcoming new members!

Terms and conditions

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By joining this group basic information such as name, email and date of birth will be made available to the organisers of the group. Next of Kin details may also be provided if part of the registration. Anonymised demographic information of the group’s membership will be used to improve activity but will not identify any individual.