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(Note: LUIFS will be continuing its operations as usual throughout the Summer and First Term through Virtual Events, Workshops and Competitions with partner insitutitons - we are committed in increasing financial awarness despite the pandemic) 


Discover LUMS’ biggest, most enthusiastic and innovative society in the Financial sector! Lancaster University Investment and Finance society is all you could ask for to bridge the gap between campus life and financial careers in the city!!!


We aim to increase members financial knowledge and awareness of the varying opportunities available in the sector- encouraging our members to build their professional network every step of the way.  We are proud organisers of a variety of exceptional events, such as our flagship ‘City Careers’ event, giving our members the perfect opportunity to network with industry professionals and gain an insight into life at HSBC, Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank, UBS, Deloitte, and the list goes on!


We are committed to professional development, organising a variety of workshops to develop the skills needed in the sector. This year we are proud to announce the launch of the 'LUIFS Global Initative': working with universities and think-tanks across the world to organise joint events, workshops and competitions. We are partnered with organisations in over 10 countries including France, Spain, Italy, US and Australia.


There is also an opportunity to join our very own ‘Investment Fund’ which aims to develop a deep understanding of financial markets, experience equity investment on a first-hand basis and gain exposure to real-life situations related to asset management.


Previous LUIFS members have said time and time again that getting involved in the society provided them with the transferable skills and industry contacts necessary to give them an edge to succeed in job applications.


So what are you waiting for?  If you have a passion for the industry or want to find out more about the Financial sector, this is the society for you- no matter what degree discipline. 



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By joining this group basic information such as name, email and date of birth will be made available to the organisers of the group. Next of Kin details may also be provided if part of the registration. Anonymised demographic information of the group’s membership will be used to improve activity but will not identify any individual.