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The Law Society is one of the largest societies at Lancaster, with well over 350 members in the last academic year. The Society aims to provide a wide variety of activities for people studying Law or Criminology, or those who are potentially interested in a future career in Law after graduation.



The Society runs two internal Mooting Competitions (one for Beginners, and another for more experienced competitors) designed to provide members with an enjoyable way of meeting new people,whilst developing personal presentation skills and expanding their knowledge of legal topics and issues. Each team is approximately 4 members in size, from which two advocates must argue in a simulated court environment on behalf of their client, against opposing counsel, and in front of a judge. The questions are written by both the Mooting Officer and lecturers, and are designed to compliment the teaching on the Law LLB course. The judges are a mixture of senior students, academics, lawyers, and professional judges, and thus provide members with the opportunity to network with a wide variety of potentially useful contacts. Additionally, prizes are available for the best teams, and best individual advocates.



The Society also runs an internal Negotiations competition, aimed at those interested in careers as a Solicitor, or in business. This competition involves two opposing teams, representing different clients attempting to negotiate a mutually beneficial deal, after receiving asymmetrical information about a problem; it is therefore a great opportunity for those who wish to develop their skills in negotiating, communication and teamwork. The judges are practicing solicitors, and prizes are available for the best teams.


External Competitions

The Society sends teams to various national and international competitions each year. In the past, teams from Lancaster have been supported in national Mooting competitions, such as the 2TG Times Moot, Landmark Property Moot, and LSE LGBT Moot. Going forward, the Society intends to continue to expand the number of opportunities advertised, and help members to succeed. In conjunction with the Law School, the Society also sends a team to one of the largest legal competitions in the world; the Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot, held every year in Vienna. This opportunity allows members to work closely with several senior members of the law school, experience Mooting at an exceptionally high level of quality, and meet lawyers from around the world. Finally, the Society also helps to organise the annual Lawyers Aware Competition; a negotiation competition in which a team from Lancaster hosts and competes against teams from a variety of other Universities. 



The Society works closely with the Law School and Careers Service to provide a large number of high quality careers talks about pursuing a career in the legal professions. These talks vary in size and format, and are usually given by representatives from firms or educational providers. Further to this, the Society is currently in the process of expanding the number of topics covered by our Careers program, so as to better support students who are considering, or pursuing, an alternative career outside of the law, such as business or consultancy. The Society also helps to organise and run the Law Careers Fair every year (though access to this event does not require a membership with the Society), at which students can talk directly with recruiters from a wide number of firms. In addition to these events, the Society organises several larger activities each year, such as trips to visit firms in London, and our annual Careers Dinner (at which attendees can network with recruiters over a three course meal).


Academic Activities

The Society has recently expanded to better support members interested in a career in academia or humanitarian law, as well as provide greater levels of help to those studying Law at Lancaster. These activities (which were piloted last year) are due to be expanded in the coming years, and include a new competition focused around academic discussion on a legal topic, opportunities for younger students to discuss academic problems with the older members, and a series of screenings of documentaries. The first of these will involve a discussion between two opposing teams on a legal issue, judged and chaired by an academic from the Law School; previous topics include the replacement of the Human Rights Act, or the fairness of rules on joint enterprise. The Academic Socials are focused around providing an informal and relaxed way of students gaining helpful hints from older students, as well as expanding the number of friends and contacts they may have. Finally, the Human Rights Film Series is a project that aims to raise awareness on various legal and/or Human Rights issues, via the screening of documentaries.


Pro Bono

The Society helps to provide a wide number of volunteering opportunities to our members, allowing them to develop their CV, whilst helping those in need. Some of the activities that the Society provides includes giving lectures and seminars to those considering studying Law, organising and running Mooting competitions between local schools, fundraising for legal charities, supporting the work of Amicus (a charity that provides representation for those on death row), and more. The Society is also working closely with the Law School to create opportunities for volunteering in legal environments, such as the CAB.



Law can certainly be a potentially stressful or demanding subject; the Society therefore runs a number of socials throughout the year, so as to provide emotional support, facilitate the meeting of new people, and give members the opportunity to relax with their friends. Socials run throughout the year on a regular basis. Several of the largest events however, are the Icebreaker Social, at which freshers get a chance to socialise with other Law freshers, before starting their course the Annual Trip Abroad, which has been to locations such as Amsterdam, Berlin and Barcelona in the past, the Law Ball, which is held at the end of lent term, and the Summer BBQ, at the end of the exam period.



The Society currently fields two sports teams (Women’s Netball and Men’s Football), who compete in both the internal University League, and national competitions. We are also looking to expand the range of teams and sports available (dependent on interest) over the coming years.



In addition to organising our own events, the Society helps to promote a wide number of activities provided by third parties, such as conferences, talks and scholarship opportunities. Members of the Exec. also work closely with the Admissions team for Law and Criminology, and often help out at Open Days etc. The Society also offers hoodies for purchase.

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