LUMASS ( Lancaster University Maths and Stats Society)

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Lancaster University Maths and Stats Society (LUMASS)

What We Do

LUMASS organise and run a variety of academic and social events aimed at members of the Maths & Stats Department at Lancaster Uni. Our main goal is to help maths students have a rewarding and fun experience at Lancaster, however our activities are open to everyone.


Our reoccurring activities are:

  • Maths Cafe - a weekly casual drop-in session where students can study and get help with their coursework, revision and general questions from other (generally higher year) students.



  • Socials - every 2 to 3 weeks we run a social, in the past these have included bar crawls, pub quizzes and movie nights as well as seasonal things like Christmas meals. Anyone is welcome to our socials and we're always open for ideas of socials we can run.



  • Revision Sessions - we run a revision session for each first year module in preparation for the end-of-module test, these sessions are generally run by a few 2nd and 3rd year students and tutors from the department. We will also be looking into running sessions for 2nd and 3rd year modules in 3rd term, depending on demand.



  • Open Exec Meetings -  our weekly exec meetings are open to all members of the society. Come along if you have any questions or suggestions for the exec or are just curious to see how the society is run.


How to be involved


Joining the society is easy, just use the big 'Join this Group' buttons on the top or bottom of this page!

To stay up to date on what the society events and news there are multiple options:


  • Join our Facebook group: there's a link below this section.



  • We sent a fortnightly newsletter to everyone's uni email in the Maths & Stats department.



  • We have a notice board in Fylde near the maths pigeonholes.


Weekly Activities


Maths Cafe: TBC


Open Exec Meetings: TBC




Contact Us


We're always happy to hear feedback or suggestions about our activities, events and just general stuff. We're also willing to answer any questions you may have about the society.


Email us: 






Join our Facebook group to stay up to date with the society and our events


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