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Educate – Participate – Advocate


Whether you're interested in:

  • Politics and news surrounding the Refugee Crisis
  • Human rights and immigration law
  • Community volunteering and fundraising
  • Integration, language education, and teaching

... Red Rose Refugees has something for you.


We work with the Students Union, local NGOs, and students to provide opportunities to asylum seekers and refugees. For the past three years we've engaged in a huge range of activities, including music/dance evenings with refugees DJing, campus film nights for families, pool nights in town, bringing refugees to the campus Prayer Rooms and Chaplaincy Centre for prayers and religious celebrations, campaigning the university to provide refugees with scholarships, collecting donations of clothing to take to Calais, and matching students with language skills to local NGOs, to provide English lessons.


We fund these activities through bake sales and raffle stalls, and have lots more planned for 2020-21, including more music nights!


We also share news stories and facts through our social media, and hold talks and documentary nights, so that you can stay informed on the matter.

Take a look at our Facebook and Twitter if you want to get involved!


Membership is currently free!



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