Register of Interest

Trustees make a declaration of all their interests which may affect their work for the Union - you can find these listed below in the Register of Interests (updated September 2020).


Lancaster University Students’ Union

Register of Interest

Trustee Board

September 2020


Name and Role

Declared Interest

Oliver Robinson (Chair of the Trustee Board and President of Lancaster University Students’ Union)

Remunerated role at Lancaster City Council as Councillor.

  • Chair their Personnel Committee, which is responsible for internal HR matters. As a result, Oliver is also sits as ExOfficio on the Board of Trustees for North-West Employers, an organisation that helps with HR issues for Local Government in the North-West.
  • Chair of a singlepurpose Governance Committee that is designed to look at changing the Council’s executive arrangements from being Leader and Cabinet model to a Committee model.
  • A member on the Audit Committee which is there to provide assurance on issues of risk at the Council.


Tenant of SU Living.

  • Director of LUSU Services Company Ltd.

Amanda Chetwynd (External Trustee, Chair of Finance & Risk Sub-Committee)

  • Was employed by Lancaster University until 5th September 2019.
  • Trustee of Mirador a local Arts Heritage organisation
  • Trustee of new Maths School (invited but not yet started)
  • Member of the Labour party
  • Member of the Quality Assurance Committee of the Office for Students
  • Member of the UK Standards and Quality committee
  • Member of the TEF Metrics advisory group
  • Member of the London Mathematical Society
  • Chair of Complete University Guide Advisory Board
  • Mandy has occasionally worked as a Higher Education Consultant.
  • Mandy’s partner is a part-time Professor at Lancaster University and adjunct Professor at Yale, Johns Hopkins and Columbia. He is also part-time at Health Data Research UK.
  • Until August 2019 her daughter was a student at Lancaster University and her son at Oxford University.
  • Her daughter has occasional temporary work through ERS. Her son is working at the Smith Institute.
  • Mandy has a family member renting out a flat to two students (not through SU Living).

Elosie Frost (Student Trustee)

Run leader for Lancaster University Running & Athletics Club