Liberation Groups

We are keenly aware of the diverse experiences of our members, and we are particularly aware that some members are significantly more disadvantaged than others. Whether it’s racism, homophobia, misogyny, transphobia, ableism or other similar kinds of discrimination, many of our students face oppression in our society. We aim to fight against this oppression, and to fight for the liberation of marginalised groups.

There are currently six Liberation and Campaign groups at the Students’ Union, each being led by a part-time officer. They represent Disabled, Black Students, International, LGBTQ+, Women and Mature students. Any student who self-defines as a member of these communities is welcome at their respective group.

Liberation and Campaign Groups exist to connect our student members, highlight current issues, and empower students to act collectively and bring about change. They also hold the students’ union and university to account by challenging discrimination and making sure we act with equality and inclusion in mind.

Liberation and Campaign Groups are intersectional. This means that they recognise the intersections (or overlaps) between different identities and the knock-on effects. It is possible for students to self-define into one, some, or all of the Liberation and Campaign Groups. As a result, groups often work together to achieve the best results.

By getting involved now, you can shape the future activities and impact of our groups. Whether you want to set up a peer support scheme, provide training, host an event or run a campaign – now’s your opportunity to set the agenda.