Movember is an annual awareness month which aims to draw attention to Men's Health, with an emphasis on general care and wellbeing, mental health and cancers. The Movember Foundation donate the money raised to a number of charities and organisations that work to help men live longer, happier and healthier lives.

Whilst the month is primarily focused on Men’s Health, absolutely everyone is welcome to get involved!

This November Lancaster University Students’ Union is working with colleges, teams and societies to support Movember with a series of events, including a free comedy night with Dave Chawner!

Movember is all about raising awareness of men’s health, physical, mental and sexual. We want to nurture a culture where everyone can talk about and feel safe discussing all issues.  

We are lucky at Lancaster to have an open and inspiring community – let’s make the most of it! Movember is a fab opportunity to make a move, host a mo-ment or simply sport a moustache - there will be stick on tasche’s galore throughout the month so no worries if you can’t grow one! Movember is a great time to learn about maintaining a healthy life for a happier you, how to fulfil our wellbeing and the importance of talking about our problems as a key step in getting help for them – a problem shared is a problem halved!

If you want to get involved or host a Mo-ment there’s 3 simple things you need to do:

  1. Create a Mo-page on
  2. Host your Mo-ment
  3. Email Emily at and let her know where and when it will be taking place. If you need any help booking spaces or borrowing equipment, get in touch.



Tasche Bash – Sugarhouse, 11pm Saturday 3 November

Movember Comedy Night with Dave Chawner

Movember Welcome Zone on the  November 8, 10am- 5pm - Busy week? Got a lot going on? Come down to the Welcome Zone for a brew, cake and a friendly ear. We have games and activities to give you time to chill out and chat with other students about how we are all doing.

Pendle's Movember Quiz Extravaganza - November 23

Pendle's Lip Sync Extravaganza - November 28

Look After Your Mate Workshop – November 28



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