Our values


Our values underpin everything we do and everything we believe in as a students’ union. They guide not only what we do, but how we do it.


Thousands of volunteers, hundreds of officers & representatives, and our staff teams power what we do and this is knitted together by a common sense of purpose and a culture which supports both understanding and success.


Here's what they are and what they mean to us...


Students at the heart of what we do



- Our sole charitable purpose is the advancement of the education of students at Lancaster University and decisions at every level are made with this as the aim


- Students lead the organisation and everything we do is in reaction to student voice: feedback, campaigns and democratic choices


- We advocate for students where necessary but always aim to empower as opposed to speaking for


- We are held accountable to our students through scrutiny panels and by publicising our aims, targets and progress towards these


- 100% of our commercial profits go back into services and opportunities for students






- It should be clearly recognisable to students what is delivered by their Union


- Our partnerships and relationships are judged by results for students and we are not afraid to stand up to our partners when we disagree


- We provide independent and impartial advice to students


- Sourcing of funding separate to our University block grant gives us financial independence








- Treating all members equally and respecting the differences amongst our student body


- Understanding that students have many different things going on in their life


- Respecting expertise in our students and staff


- We respect our members right to freedom of speech while expecting members to treat each other with respect; politeness, patience and empathy


- We show respect through prioritising face-to-face interaction and responding to students in a timely manner


- We expect members to show respect to staff and officers who are supporting and serving them


- Staff and officers show each other respect by fulfilling commitments, supporting each other and communicating professionally






- Wherever possible, we want people to enjoy themselves when involved with the union


- Recognising and supporting the many different ways that students have fun and enabling them to do this in a safe way


- We are good at fun: Sugarhouse, societies, sport, Extravs, Welcome Week, big events, and more










- Policies and decision-making processes which are easy to find, read and understand


- We are open to new ideas, questions and challenges


- We embrace partnership working and try to achieve change by working with not against


- The union’s spaces are welcoming and accessible








- Standing up for students, even when the odds are against us


- Making tough decisions that may not be popular but are the interests of students, especially those who are marginalised


- Trying new ideas and not being afraid to make mistakes – provided mistakes are learnt from


- Challenging each other and being open to challenge


- Giving power and control to students wherever possible


- Decisions are made in the best interests of Lancaster students, present and future






- Celebrating the diversity of our community


- Showing our pride in student achievements thorough telling success stories and giving credit where due, including to ourselves


- Taking the time to reflect on what went well and to congratulate those who made it happen