Parents and Carers - Candidate Support

We have a small allocation of funding targeted at supporting officers and candidates to perform their roles without being unduly penalised through costs of care.

To this end, we will cover up to £15 per hour for childcare, and in cases of specialised care where there is a significant cost attached, the Vice-President (Welfare and Community) will agree an amount based on the circumstances.

This funding is aimed at allowing officers/candidates to

  • Attend Hustings
  • Attend core democratic aspects of their role
  • Fulfil their core officer responsibilities

Claiming this money is done through our payment claim process, but requires giving notice of the requirement and gaining approval.

Prior notice of the requirement to be given to VP (Welfare & Community) or union President, and approval received. Decisions may be appealed to the union Chief Executive.

In the event of someone unable to find care, we will arrange the care (note this will require additional notice).

This fund will not cover:

  • Childcare for those aged 14 or over (in special circumstances those under 16 may be covered)

  • Care for those within school/preschool etc. during their hours.

  • Caring costs for those who have multiple carers and another carer is available who has caring responsibilities for said individual.

  • Activities outside of the aims stated above

  • Ticketed events – which will include care costs into their budget any paid for by ticket sales