Information for departments

The Academic Rep system is jointly-managed by the university and the students’ union. Departmental staff facilitate the appointment of Reps, and work with the union to ensure that they are trained and supported in undertaking their role.

Election of Reps:

  • Students are allowed to nominate themselves for election from Welcome Week onwards, and will be elected within their department by their peers
  • Reps should be elected and registered within three weeks of the beginning of their course - once elected the department needs to tell the Reps to register with the union at
  • The recommended ratio of Reps to students is 1:50, with a maximum of four Reps per year of department
  • Undergraduate Reps are appointed by year of study (e.g. 1st year, 2nd year, 3rd year)
  • Postgraduate Reps are usually appointed by level of study (e.g. PGT - MA)

Registration and Induction of Reps:

  • Departments should provide Reps with the following information:
    • Details of a main point of contact in the department
    • Details about expectations of Reps within departments – i.e. which meetings they should attend and when they are scheduled
    • The type of meetings they attend – are they formal? Who attends? Can they see minutes and agendas in advance?
    • Information on how they can stay in touch with the students they represent – mailing list? Student-only Moodle? Noticeboard in breakout area? Social Media groups
  • Once appointed, Reps are required to officially register themselves and complete the basic online training
  • The union is in charge of organising and delivering training to Reps


  • Departments are asked to provide the students’ union with one key contact to organise Reps
  • Any queries on the Academic Rep system can be directed to the union's Academic Representation Team at

Useful links 

Principle and Guidelines for Student Academic Representation - These are the University Senate-approved principles and guidelines for Academic Representation at Lancaster.