Here at Lancaster, an age-old rivalry courses through our veins


The War of the Roses between Lancaster and York is not only a historical one, but also a huge sporting tradition between the two universities.

The intervarsity competition first took place in 1965 and Roses has now been running for more than 50 years with the prestige of being named the biggest varsity competition in Europe!

The two institutions take it in turns to host, with students competing in more than 50 different sports and 100 fixtures over one weekend, early in third term!

Whilst the main focus of the weekend is on our sports teams competing, Roses brings about ample opportunities for engagement with our entire student body, staff, alumni and the community, so everyone can get involved in one way or another. It's a great weekend for spectators and supporters and there's always a range of cultural events to make the event even more special.

The weekend is a major highlight in the university calendar - check out the photos from our 2018 event. There's more info and results on the Roses Live website.