About Roses 2019


Get ready for Roses 2019! The biggest and best sporting event of the year takes place from May 3-5!


This year's tournament takes place at University of York and our athletes are seeking an elusive away win.


After last year's dominant home performance against our biggest sporting rivals, the aim this year is simple - win that trophy and Bring It Home!


A full fixture list for Roses 2019 will be released soon and will be available to view at www.roseslive.co.uk.


Travel to York


We hope as many of you as possible will travel to York to support our teams as they compete for the coveted Roses win.


We'll be offering a special travel package - just £25 will get you return travel to York as well as a FREE supporter pack.


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Lancaster Roses Hub


We know not everyone will be able to travel to York, which is why we'll be creating the Lancaster Roses Hub here on campus.


Join us at Fylde College where you'll be able to watch livestreamed matches, take part in activities and enjoy the Roses atmosphere!


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