Scrutiny Officer Applications

Scrutiny Officer applications are now open!

Submit your application to be a Scrutiny Officer – open until midnight on Monday October 22 2018.

The students’ union is yours. As members, you elect our student leadership, have access to our services and activities, and have your interests and rights protected by us against the university, the community, and even the government. But how does the students’ union do these things for members, and are we doing them well? As a Scrutiny Officer, you will scrutinise our Full-Time Officers and our political leadership, and make sure that the union is being honest and transparent with our members. Are we making a positive change to students’ lives? You decide.

As a Scrutiny Officer, you will be assigned a Full-Time Officer to monitor and scrutinise. You will meet with the Full-Time Officer regularly (at least three times per term), holding them to account and providing constructive feedback throughout their year in office. Each term, you will publish your thoughts and recommendations for the Full-Time Officer for all of our student members. This is a great role for anyone interested in finding out more about the students’ union or how democratic organisations work.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • To attend regular meetings with an assigned Full-Time Officer, effectively scrutinising and providing constructive feedback on their progress.
  • To monitor progress of the Full-Time Officers against their manifesto, remit and policy.
  • To monitor the implementation of union policy.
  • To monitor and scrutinise the union’s representative functions, including the accountability of student leaders, the transparency of union meetings, and communication.
  • To provide and deliver a report on the progress of the assigned Full-Time Officer for publication online and at students’ union General Meetings.

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What happens after I submit my application?

Your online application will be sent off to our Scrutiny Appointments Panel to shortlist. The panel is made up of one of our Student Trustees and three members of the Democracy Committee (JCR Democracy and Finance Officers). If you are shortlisted for interview, we’ll send you an invite about a week before so you have time to prepare. The Appointments Panel conducts your interview and decides who to invite to be a Scrutiny Officer.

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