Case studies

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Why you should wait? Real Student Renter Experiences at Lancaster


"Renting a house and signing a contract for the first time is equally daunting as it is exciting. There is a false feeling that it has to all be sorted by the Michaelmas term, which is a recipe for disaster. In my case, there’s significant housing disrepair and a landlord who fails to acknowledge the problems with the accommodation. I’ve had to contact the local council, housing unions, the university and take legal advice. I urge everyone to not rush into signing a housing contract as there will always be somewhere to live in Lancaster. Follow the campaign and reach out to the Students’ Union. Housing haste needs to stop for good." Ben


"I wish I’d researched how changes to a tenancy work, and what my options are if my housing company breaches contract/tries to mess you around. Most students feel pretty powerless when their deposit is held or their rights aren’t respected." Benji


"Our landlord of two years used to turn up to the house without giving notice or giving very little notice. Even it was a visit that would benefit us and our house, it was always unannounced or with such short notice. We excused a lot of it because he was nice, but we really wish we had stood by the fact that he wasn’t giving us that 24-hour notice period." Hannah