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All About the House: A Renter Checklist


The Contract


1. What is the length of contract?

2. What is the weekly cost?

3. How do you have to pay the rent?

4. When is the rent due?

5. Is there a deposit/how much is it?


The House


1. Landlord name and contact number

2. House address

3. Is the property in a good state?

4. Is the property accredited by LU Homes?

5. Do the doors lock/do the windows shut?

6. Is there a communal area?


The Rooms


1. Are there smoke detectors?

2. Is there adequate escape from a fire?

3. Does the house have the furniture you require?

4. Is the furniture/contents in a good state ie. matresses?

5. Is there anything that causes danger concerns ie. loose wires?


The Kitchen


1. Is there enough storage space for all of thetenants?

2. Does the kitchen have a washer and dryer?

3. Are the cooker and fridge in a safe working order?

4. Does the landlord provide any appliances ie. toaster/iron?



The Bathroom/s


1. Can you see any damp or mould?

2. Do all of the taps work?

3. Does the door/shower curtain prevent leaking?

4. Does the toilet flush?

5. Are there any danger hazards that concern you?



The Bills


1. Are the bills included in the rent?

2. How does tv licensing work?

3. Is there a cap on the bills?



Other important things to find out:


1. Is there safe storage for bikes?

2. Can you put posters up?

3. How does bins/recycling work?

4. Is the house in a flood risk area?

5. Are you near a bus stop to get to university?


Download a printable version of this checklist