How your students' union can help

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If a housing problem arises for you, you do not have to face it alone. Your students’ union is here for you. But who at your SU can help?


The students’ union Advice service is here to fight your corner and make sure you get everything you need while you’re at Lancaster. If things go wrong during your time here and you need help working out what to do next, your students’ union is by your side to help you through it. We can support you through whatever may happen – just reach out to us!


Our Advice service is a free, non-judgemental and confidential support service, and we’re on your side. Our team of professional advisors can support any registered students at Lancaster University.


What makes us different to other support providers? We are an independent organisation and separate from the university, so we are best placed to provide you with impartial advice - so if you are in dispute with the university you will always have someone to turn to.


In regards to housing issues, the Advice Service says: "If things go wrong during your tenancy, we’re on hand to help you. We can give you information and support on everything from outstanding repairs to tenant disputes. We can provide advice on your housing rights, review tenancy agreements, support you to retrieve your deposit at the end of your tenancy and advise on how best to resolve any other issues you may have throughout the duration of your tenancy."


Get in touch: or 01524 593765


Top Toolkit Takeaways


● Read your contract thoroughly

● Do your research. Is the property suitable and does it have everything you need?

● Learn all of your rights inside and out.

● Get to know people before you sign a contract with them

● Reach out and get help from your SU