Viewing houses

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Things to consider before you sign on the dotted line


Look into the legal aspects of renting a property


Make sure you are aware of your own personal responsibilities and your landlords. Make sure you really understand your rights and what to do if they are broken.


Do not sign a contract if you do not understand it


Signing for a house is exciting, but do not get caught up in the excitement without getting to grips with the contract first. Contracts can often contain language that student renters may not have come across before, so it is important to seek help with this before signing. It is crucial you thoroughly read through your contract and are comfortable with all the contents of it.


Seek advice


Signing contracts can be daunting. Please reach out if you need support. No question is a stupid one, we would rather you ask! You can get help from the Students’ Union Advice service.


Do not allow a landlord to pressure you into signing a contract


You must be completely happy and satisfied with the property and contract before you make a decision that directly impacts you!


Do online research


Look up the property, landlord and area to find out the experiences of other students. Check my Street is a good website to look at. It gives information on the postcode area you are researching, including crime rates, rental values, broadband speeds, nearby bus stops plus lots of other useful information.