Sugarhouse Guestlist


Guestlist Guidelines

Guestlist applications must be sent no more than two weeks before the date you're requesting, please remember guestlist fills up quickly so apply with plenty of time to spare! Guestlist will close for the weekend every Friday at 5pm.

Clubs & Societies

We offer guestlist for clubs & societies every night we're open (excluding special events) if you want to apply for up to 50 spaces for your society follow the link below! Remember we can only accept applications 2 weeks prior to the date you're requesting, and to try and make it as fair as possible we can't offer guestlist to the same club two weeks in a row.

Birthday Guestlist 

Want to celebrate your Birthday at Sugarhouse? If you're a Purple Card holder you can apply for free entry for yourself, and also jump the queue with up to 5 friends, just follow the link below!

JCR Exec & Union Student Staff can also apply for guestlist for themselves one night per week.

Apply for guestlist

Sign in's (Non-Student Guest)

Have friends visiting from home? You can sign in up to two non-student guests by following the link below.

The guests will be required to pay the standard entry fee on the night and must provide valid ID. Please note we will no longer be accepting sign in's on the night and you must submit your application before 9pm on the night you intend to bring your guests. By signing in guests please be aware that you will be accountable for their actions inside the venue. 



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