The Sugarhouse FAQs and Ts&Cs


Terms and Conditions at The Sugarhouse

  1. Valid photographic ID that proves you are 18 or older must be provided prior to entry.

  2. Student ID must also be provided unless entrant is a visiting guest.

  3. If you have valid Student ID you can sign in up to 2 bona fide guests.

  4. Through entering you understand that CCTV is in operation at all times.

  5. Wristbands without a date stamp or correct date will be invalid at entry.

  6. Damaged, de-faced,  soiled or broken wrist bands are invalid.

  7. The Sugarhouse management reserve the right to refuse entry at any time.

  8. The Sugarhouse Management reserves the right to eject anyone they deem necessary from the premises.

  9. Management hold the right to enforce a ban, up to life, should they deem the venue or its customers safety or security are compromised.

  10. The Sugarhouse’s security team is supplied by FGH Security.



Drink & Shot Vouchers

  1. Drink vouchers can be exchanged at the bar for a single spirit & mixer (excluding RedBull), bottle of VK or house beer or soft drink only.
  2. Drink vouchers cannot be exchanged for premium spirits, including premium gins, or premium bottles of beer/cider/hooch.
  3. Only one card to be used per customer per transaction
  4. Bar staff reserve the right to not serve customers they deem to be intoxicated or aggressive
  5. Shot vouchers can only be exchanged for corkys or equivalent shot
  6. Shot vouchers cannot not be exchanged for any other shot or spirit
  7. If the drink or shot voucher has been validated with a date, the voucher cannot be used after this date
  8. Certain vouchers may only be redeemed on certain nights, this will be stated on the voucher itself
  9. Vouchers remain the property of the Sugarhouse and can be confiscated if they are misused
  10. All decisions made by the management are final, management retain the right to cancel this promotion at any time without giving reason and without notifying customers in advance.
  11. The vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash or credit in the premises
  12. Vouchers may only be used once and will be retained by the bar staff to validate the sale.
  13. Please enjoy responsibly

Terms and Conditions “Go Sugar Free”

  1. Those students purchasing the limited edition Sugar Free card addition to the purple card will be entitled to free entry to the sugarhouse for all standard nights.

  2. Standard nights do not include special events where a higher price ticket price is charged. These will be for events such as guest DJ’s and acts or other special events

  3. The right is not transferable to someone else and is only applicable to the named person on the Sugar Free card, which must be presented along with your Purple card to be valid.

  4. Queue jump is not guaranteed although we will endevour to allow entry as quickly as possible using all available entrances. However during busy periods queueing is likely.

  5. Right of Admission is Reserved, this does not guarantee entry. If the venue is at capacity or you are not in a fit state for example.

Cloakroom Terms and Conditions

  1. The Sugarhouse accepts coats and bags at £1 per item.

  2. The cost is per item and you will receive a seperate ticket for each item deposited. We take no responsibility for extra items not paid for (scarves, jumpers, multiple items on one hanger etc).

  3. Please note that items will not be given out without presentation of a valid cloakroom ticket and any items for which the ticket has been lost cannot be claimed before the end of the night (3am Wednesday, 3.30am Friday and Saturday).

  4. The venue accepts no liability for the loss or damage to jewellery, other valuables or money contained within a deposited item(s).

  5. We would ask that all customers report immediately to the Manager any missing items which have been deposited within the cloakroom and provide a valid cloakroom ticket.

  6. If you have lost your ticket and we are unable to locate your item the venue accepts no liability for the loss or damage to items left in the cloakroom.

  7. Please be advised that all items not collected from the cloakroom will be given to charity after a 4 week period.

Lost Property

  1. Lost & Found can be found at the cloakroom whilst we are open.

  2. If you have lost an item whilst at Sugarhouse give us a call on 01524 63508 (please note that due to our varied working hours we are not always available to answer the phone), or fill out our lost property form here, and we’ll do out best to locate it for you. 

  3. Please be aware that you may need to prove that an item does indeed belong to you.

  4. We keep items at the Sugarhouse for a maximum of a week, every Tuesday we take all lost property up to the Students Union Office on Lancaster Campus 01524 593765.

  5. Sadly we do not keep lost bank cards for security reasons.

S.I.P. Bookable Area

  1. The S.I.P area can be booked by completeing this form

  2. The area can hold up to 30 guests

  3. If you have booked the S.I.P. area you must arrive at Sugarhouse no later than Midnight

  4. Only guests with valid S.I.P. wristbands may enter the S.I.P. area during the course of the night

  5. If youre behaviour is deemed to be irresponsible or violent then you will be asked to leave the club

  6. No refunds will be issued if you fail to turn up or if you are asked to leave due to your behaviour


Guestlist T&C



  1. The Sugarhouse Guest list is based on a first come first serve basis where possible, however previous successful applications and attendance may influence your application. We do this as we want to be as fair as possible and allow each club or society a chance at getting free entry so it is not the same teams each week. 

  2. We suggest you send us your request a week or so in advance. We will only accept applications up to 2 weeks before the event. Please do not apply before then.

  3. Requests must be made before 5pm on any day, but Guest list spots for that same day will only be granted if they are still available.

  4. Guestlist applications made after 5pm on Friday will not get a response until Monday.

  5. All requests must go through the guest list contact form on the lusu website 

  6. Guest list is available for Birthdays, JCR Exec members, Lancaster SU staff, Clubs and Societies as well as University of Cumbria Clubs and Societies.

  7. Guest list guarantees entry UNTIL 11.30pm ONLY and is subject to the club being at capacity. After 11.30pm you will be asked to join the main queue.

  8. We have a limted number of guestlist places available and they often fill up quickly.

  9. Management decision on guestlist is final.

Birthday Treats

  1. Front door entrance

  2. Purple Card Privilege ONLY

  3. Only the Birthday person gets free entry.

  4. + 5 guests who get Queue Jump only and who must pay the standard entry fee

  5. Must be either on date of Birthday or 7 days before or after

  6. Birthday guestlist must be applied for via the guestlist system, you will only be entitled to free entry if you have been accepted onto the guestlist.

  7. A Purple Card can be bought here.

Clubs and Societies

  1. Back entrance

  2. Requests must be made at least 24 hours before the event and are not guarenteed so please ensure you have had confirmation of your request.

  3. We will only accept applications from 2 weeks before the event.

  4. Maximum allowance of 50 members subject to availability

  5. Guest list is for members only and does not include +1’s

  6. Members must arrive as a GROUP, individuals who arrive later will not be allowed in on guest list if there is no one available to establish their membership to club or society.

  7. Please make sure all members bring their purple card or LUSU number so their member status can be verified.

JCR’S and Lancaster SU Staff

  1. Back entrance when available

  2. Both must bring either Purple Card, Lancaster SU number or valid photographic ID.


Should issues arrive regarding the guest list please email where a member of our staff will be able to process your problem.