The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee a group consisting of a wide range of elected officers and reps from the student body. They meet bi-weekly to consider ideas that come through on this site, update on projects from the union and discuss the operational activity of the union on your behalf.

The Executive Committee membership is as follows, with the Vice-President Union Development as chair:

[Image description: Photos of the Executive Committee Members including the President Oliver Robinson, Vice President Sport Paul McCarthy, Vice President Education Gayatri Shewani, Vice President Union Development (Chair) India Ellis, Vice President Societies and Media Dom Casoria, Vice President Welfare Amy Merchant, International Students' Officer Sonja Dembo, Disabled Students Officer Lozzie Szell, BME Students' Officer Max Kafula, LGBTQ+ Officer Sophie Schulz, Women+ Officer Lydia Moodycliffe]


  • Womens+ Officer 
  • Faculty Representative
  • Faculty Representative 
  • JCR/PG Board Representative
  • JCR/PG Board Representative


Current membership

Membership Type Name Term Ends  Email
Acting Chair/Vice-Chair/Taught Faculty Rep Noah Katz 31 October 2021
Chair/VP Union Development India Ellis 24 June 2022
Committee Member/President Oliver Robinson 24 June 2022
Committee Member/VP Welfare Amy Merchant 24 June 2022
Committee Member/VP Societies and Media Dom Casoria 24 June 2022
Committee Member/VP Sport Paul McCarthy 24 June 2022
Committee Member/LGBTQ+ Officer Sophie Schulz 24 June 2022
Committee Member/BAME Students’ Officer Max Kafula 24 June 2022
Committee Member/Students with Disabilities Officer Lozzie Szell 24 June 2022
Committee Member/Postgraduate and Mature Students’ Officer Vacant N/A
Committee Member/International Students’ Officer Sonja Dembo 24 June 2022
Committee Member/Joint Women+ Officers Lydia Moodycliffe 24 June 2022
Committee Member/JCR Rep Sobia Siddiq 31 December 2021
Committee Member/PG Board Rep Emma Gardiner 31 December 2021
Committee Member/Research Faculty Rep Rotating 31 October 2021  


When considering policy and ideas this is the stage before student juries or preferendums to check legality and feasibility. Whilst we always respond to people directly if you want to read the detail of these meetings the minutes are listed below:

Executive Minutes