The Executive Committee

Executive is the group made of a wide range of elected officers and reps from student body. They meet bi-weekly to consider ideas that come through on this site, update on project from the union and discuss operational activity of the union on your behalf.

The Executive Committee membership:

  1. The President
  2. Vice President, Union Development (Chair)
  3. Vice President, Welfare and Community
  4. Vice President, Education 
  5. Vice President, Activities
  6. Vice President, Campaigns and Communications
  7. BME Students Officer
  8. Disabled Students Officer
  9. Women’s Officer
  10. LGBTQ+ Officer
  11. Mature Students Officer
  12. International Students Officer
  13. Faculty Representative
  14. Faculty Representative 
  15. JCR/PG Board Representative
  16. JCR/PG Board Representative

When considering policy and ideas this is the stage before student juries or preferendums to check legality and feasibility. Whilst we always respond to people directly if you want to read the detail of these meetings the minutes are listed below:

Executive Minutes