Hannah Laycock

My name is Hannah Laycock, I'm a third year English and History student and right now I'm campaigning to be your next Vice President Education Full Time Officer.

Please contact me on Social Media at any point for more information and be and what I plan to do for YOU....@hannnahrose3008 (IG, Snapchat), Hannah Laycock (Facebook), or email me @ h.laycock@lancaster.ac.uk

The key aspects of my campaign are Awareness, Fairness and Representation.

My aims

  • To continue to work alongside the University in order to combat negative implications of Disability cuts
  • To carry on work of improving the post graduate voice witihin the University
  • Improve and strengthen relations and conversations between academic socieites and the wider university
  • Increasing the acessibility of academic reps, and increasing their involvement within departments and their relationship with the peers they are representing
  • To create a transparent dialogue between the University and the students concerning university spending of tuition fee increase
  • Looking at the possibility of reforming the accesment and feedback time across all faculties
  • Potentiality of meetings between heads of departments and academic reps to be more catered towards the needs of students. Results of meetings need to be available to students
  • Enforcing a level of consistency across subject faculties in relation to Moodle. Start a converation between student and staff in terms of what would be helpful to have on Moodle
  • More academically centered campaigns, like the noise campiagn, to take students on the journey of academic campaigning

How Will I Do This?

  • Collaboring with the university in their existing efforts to protect students at risk from Disabilty cuts, and how these cuts effect their welfare and education
  • Reaching out to Post Graduate Research students and asking what events would cater to their university experience
  • Get academic societies more involved in Student Union campaigns 
  • Reassesing the current situtation of academic reps and to what extent they are truly representative and then acting according to the information fed back
  • Increase of student voice in relation to Moodle and what is on it 
  • Increase student awareness of their rights academically, and how strong the student voice has the potential to be once this awareness is spread