Josh Woolf

Hi, I’m Josh Woolf and I’m running to be your LUSU president next year. I’m currently in my final year of Accounting and Finance, and am the president of the Jewish Society and the Airsoft Team. I was also elected earlier this year to represent LUSU at the NUS National Conference. For my campaign, I am running on a few main points, but feel free to get in contact with me if you want to know more.

Students travel to campus in a mix of different ways, but whether you’re reliant on a parking spot being free, or a space available on the next bus, LUSU needs to do more to lobby on behalf of the thousands of students who come to campus every day. I will be lobbying against the night bus fees for bus pass holders and to increase the number of bus services at peak times and out of term time. I will speak to the university on behalf of students to improve parking on campus, to stop Lancaster from punishing students for owning a car.

Many of the people I’ve spoken to at Lancaster feel disconnected from LUSU, and so one of my key changes is about representation. Too many Student Union officers at universities across the country think that they know what’s best for their students, but I want to create a weekly drop in session where any student at Lancaster can come and speak about your concerns, ideas, or even just for a chat. Once we’ve heard what you as individuals have to say, LUSU can work together to address the issues that matter to students. By establishing a precedent for future years, it will ensure students’ views are heard at Lancaster.

My next point is responsibility, with the aim to give students more insight into what LUSU and Lancaster University do for them, especially following the fee increase announcement. Students deserve to see where their money is spent, and how any increase will improve the situation for them on campus. One improvement I will be lobbying the University on will be to stop building works from affecting long periods of term time, particularly around exam season, and making them recognise their responsibility to provide a quiet and productive work environment. I will also be suggesting more flexibility in the Lancaster Bursary and Scholarship, as one lump sum in February is not the best solution to help students’ finances, despite it being there to help students with their money whilst at Lancaster.

Caring for our environment is quickly being realised as an important issue in today’s world, but often recycling bins are left out of the way, and in the library for example, there is only one general waste bin once you reach the stairs on your way out. The university makes a great statement about the wind turbine creating energy for campus, but leaves accommodation stairwells lit 24/7. These are just two of the improvements I hope to lobby the University to improve upon if elected, helping to reduce the power requirements and waste output of our campus.

My final point is unfortunately more long term, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less important. It’s all about where you work. The University finished building the library only last year, but it’s already out of space during peak times. With the number of students rising every year, this problem is just going to get worse, and I will be lobbying the university to prioritise the expansion the study spaces around campus, including individual working zones and group pods. Everyone at Lancaster needs time to study, but if you come back from a lecture and can’t find space to get work done, the university is putting you at a disadvantage. For a more immediate effect, I want to make unused seminar rooms available for students to book out as group study spaces, to help students to realise the space available on campus.

Thanks for taking the time to read my manifesto, remember to vote Josh Woolf for LUSU President and #JoinTheWoolfPack!