Laura Wilkinson

Hi, my name is Laura, and I’m running for VP Campaigns & Communications this year! Here’s a little introduction for those who don’t already know me.

In my 4 years at the university, I’ve been a writer and News Editor for SCAN, and last year I was elected as Editor. I have recently enjoyed being involved with Bailrigg FM and LA1:TV, hosting a SCAN news show on Bailrigg last year and appearing on various shows on both mediums. I have also been on the executive committee for Boat Club for two years, holding the position of Alumni Relations Officer, regularly communicating with Alumni and creating a termly newsletter. Being part of a society and a sports team I understand the challenges and struggles faced when you want to be seen and heard; I want this to change! I hope to make communications between the union, university, and most importantly, you, the students, easier and more efficient.

I’ve broken my manifesto down into 4 simplified points to show my aims for the upcoming year. I would like to:

1. Firstly, run the BEST and BIGGEST run-up to Roses campaign focusing on the smaller sports teams and societies who are often overlooked during Roses celebrations. I would like to give individual teams/groups promotion prior to their games/competitions running up to and throughout the weekend of Roses to showcase the talent of ALL.

2. Create options for sustainable funding for ALL student media groups to ensure they are able to continue to produce excellent work and shows. To do this I will work closely with the student media and include them in more decision making processes when it comes to their funding.  

3. Run a 2-term campaign, along with VP Welfare and college welfare officers, focusing on removing the stigma behind Mental Health – this is something that is very close to many of our hearts and something that I am also incredibly passionate about.

4. Finally, continue the amazing work started this year to provide students with incredible opportunities to showcase their talents in media and communications work environments. Along with this, increasing the amount and quality of media/communications work experience opportunities offered to students.