Qas Younis

Hi I’m Qas and I’m running to be your next VP Union Development.

Last year I was the President of Furness College and the Social and Events officer the year before that. Excluding this I have worked part time for LUSU for the last 18 months, working on the front desk, at open days and even being on the Grad Ball Committee for two years.

As VP:UD the three main areas to focus on are the Colleges, Governance, and Commercial Services.


  • Colleges – I’d like to work closely with JCR’s and actually give them the support they need and require to help put on their events. Be it the huge sporting weekends, Extravs or anything in between, I know the difficulties and if elected I want to make sure all officers get the necessary assistance to be able to deliver the best possible events for all students.


  • Governance – last term saw the lowest turnout for nominations and elections in years. The collegiate system is the lifeblood of Lancaster University and for involvement to be so low is something I am passionate about working on. We need to engage people in the democratic process whatever their involvement in the Students Union, be it sporting, academic or with societies.  Democracy is a lie if the voices of everyone are not heard and their opinions realised. I want to pursue whatever avenues necessary, be that incentivisation, sustained campaigning sessions, or anything else to make our new governance structures the most representative and inclusive yet!


  • Commercial services – Over the next few years, Sugarhouse will face real struggles and it is pivotal that we now begin to futureproof and work on securing its future. I would continue working with the Sugarhouse to put on the range and variety of nights they host, ensuring they appeal to everyone. Be it a BBC DJ, a house artist or an Indie night, catering to every student is key to what the Sugarhouse does and to ensure its future. Diversity is something we celebrate at Lancaster, so let’s celebrate in every facet of the union!


Being involved in the Student’s Union has shaped my university experience in such an amazing way. To be able to give back to that process and shape someone else’s experience in the same way is something I would love to do and something I think I would be amazing at!