Submit your ideas

Information on how to submit your ideas to change your students' union


Ideas are Powerful

If you have an idea for change at Lancaster, or on a local level or national level, or you want the students’ union to adopt a set of beliefs, we want to hear it!

Whether it’s a campus issue or a political campaign, big or small, we welcome all ideas. Your idea for long-term change could become students’ union policy, meaning that we will commit to standing by that set of beliefs and actively implementing any changes. Those beliefs will act as our guide when we meet with the university and other people in power. You can see our current policies here.

Your Ideas

Putting forward an idea for new union policy is easy, and takes just three steps:

  • Submit your idea online
  • A staff member or officer will get back to you and help you to get your idea tip-top. Once it’s ready, published on our website for others to see. You can help speed this step up by reading our helpful hints below
  • The Executive Committee will debate your idea and determine whether a decision can be made by the Executive Committee, a Student Jury, or in an all-student vote. You’ll be invited to attend Executive Committee to talk about your idea


Submitting an idea online? An effective idea should consider three things:

  • Facts: What is the issue you’re trying to address? What do we already know about this issue?
  • Impacts: How does this issue affect students, and in what way? Is it negative?
  • Reacts: What would you like the students’ union to do to address the issue? How do we need to take it forward?





Once your idea is published online, other students will have the chance to vote or comment on it. You can show the Executive Committee how important your idea is by encouraging as many students as you can to support it!


Submitting a petition? Once you reach 150 signatures, your petition will be debated at Executive Committee. If your petition is signed by 2% of our members (around 300 students), then your petition can be debated at the union's Annual General Meeting. Petitions will be hosted on our website for a maximum of six months. We also accept paper petitions, but you’ll need to evidence that you received enough signatures from full university students.