40-week tenancy contract offer mandatory for all properites registered with LUSU Living/LU Homes

by Shaymaa Abdalla 07 April 2017, 16:07

Category: Facilities

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Currently the minimum contract length for properties registered with LUSU living is 46 weeks, with some contacts demanding 50 week tenancy. This is considerably longer than on-campus accommodation tenancy length (36 and 40 weeks). With rents that are £100 per week or more, this can equate to over £1000 pounds more per annum to live off-campus. With no guarantee of on-campus accommodation for non-first year students, this is a great cost to incur; this is before having to factor in other expenses related to living off campus, such as travel to and from the university. As students are often stretched for money during the academic year, this is particularly unfair as many do not make use of their rented accommodation during the summer months, but are still legally bound to pay rent.

Therefore, I would like to propose than any landlord wishing to register and advertise any property for students at Lancaster University with LUSU living or Lancaster University homes must be able to offer students a minimum of a 40-week tenancy contract for each individual wishing to enter a tenancy agreement. This would benefit the student population as it would save them money and relieve some of the stress brought about by financial worries whilst at university.


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    Joseph Nelson   wrote, 19-06-2017 - 18:34

    Why should we listen to a liar like you? Fraud

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