LUSU to have a Union cat

by LUSU VP Welfare 31 March 2017, 11:09

Category: Welfare

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Southampton University Students’ Union had a cat called SUSU which has proven to be very popular among the student population and even been named honorary president: As this cat has been so popular and become a point of unification for students I feel LUSU should get one as well. However I do not want a cat for the sake of it, there are many benefits to having an animal.

Welfare: Having a pet is proved to reduce stress, increase overall mental wellbeing and happiness. This cat could help students during stressful periods on campus, such as coursework deadlines and exams and also encourage students to actually come into the Union building. However this will not only benefit students but the cat as well, as I propose we get it from an animal shelter and give it a home that it otherwise would not have had.

Secondly the cat, if popular, could become a mascot for the Union, better promote the Union and bring students together much like in Southampton.

Names are up for suggestion and could be voted on by the student body in a referendum of sorts. (It would also be nice to have a positive referendum…) 


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    Lauren Wood   wrote, 31-03-2017 - 18:16

    Animals are a huge commitment as well as living creatures so if this idea goes ahead I would suggest going with the shelter idea so at least it's not still stuck in a rescue, and teach people about animal welfare/ safety/ first aid. They are a lot more difficult to look after than people think- it's not a case of sticking a bowl of food out and a cushion out for it.

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