Referendum on the SU's membership of NUS (National Union of Students)

by Max Ell 12 February 2019, 21:01

Category: Students Union Petition

Voting closed


In the 2018 Annual report, Lancaster University Students' Union spent £35,582 on affiliation fees to the National Union of Students (NUS)

Considering NUS's defunding of their International Officer, Trans Officer (1) and cutting their entire Postgraduate campaign budget, (2) Students should have a say on whether the Students' Union should continue to be affiliated with the National Union. The funding crisis the NUS is experiencing is coupled with deep roots of antisemitism (3), and questions of whether the Union actually represents Lancaster Students need to be asked and addressed. Students should also be able to decide whether these fees could be better spent elsewhere. 

14 Student Unions have disaffiliated from the NUS, with several others beginning their own referendums, the most recent being the University of Portsmouth Students' Union.