Vice-President Activities

The VP Activities is the lead student for sporting activity, clubs and societies, and extra-curricular development. They are responsible for promoting engagement in sport and activities, assisting clubs and societies, supporting College Sports, and acting as the lead officer on large scale events. They lobby the University on sporting and activity facilities and opportunities, and represent Lancaster students to competitive sport organisations.

As well as VP, they are a Trustee of the Union.


Big Successes: 

Hard work from a past Vice-President Activities is the reason Lancaster University has a 3G pitch

More Detail:

The Vice-President Activities is responsible for sporting activity, clubs and societies at Lancaster, ensuring the provision and promotion of competitive and recreational opportunities and encouraging participation. As well as a college and university level, they also represent Lancaster student opinion with British University and College Sports (BUCS). 

It is also the responsibility of the Vice-President to deliver large scale events such as Roses, Christmas Market and Grad Ball. 

You can read the full details of the role here.