Rachel Hughes

Supporting the work of media organisations associated or affiliated with LUSU and leading on campaigns. Also responsible for alumni relations.


Hi I’m Rachel, your Vice-President Campaigns and Communications for this academic year! I’m currently a Postgraduate student in Literature but I also completed my Undergraduate here so I have been a student at Lancaster for the past four years.
I have been involved with student media since my welcome week and I’m really looking forward to working with a variety of student groups this year.

I am interested in art and graphic design. I am also a keen writer and enjoy playing darts!

My aims this year are to:

  1. To simplify the messages of LUSU: I want to look at the way we communicate with the student body, societies and groups and simplify these processes. Within this aim I am also assessing the way we share information and what we are sharing. I am currently working with the comms team in LUSU on NUS Digital and that will be an ongoing project throughout the year.
  2. Appealing campaigns: Delivering relevant, engaging and creative campaigns that don’t dictate. I want to look at the way we are educating people about issues and focus on asking questions rather than just telling people information. Within this aim I am going to be working on a ‘campaigns framework’ to make running a campaign a simpler process within the Union. It is my hope that this will inspire more people to run campaigns with us. 
  3. Support and celebrate student media: Looking to increase support for student media and offer new opportunities for these student groups. I will be continuing to the annual ‘careers in the media conference’ but have proposed moving it forward in the year so that it is an event that inspired the new membership to get involved and stay involved with our media groups.  

If you want to get in touch please contact me on twitter via @LUSUComms or email me at lusu.comms@lancaster.ac.uk.