Qasim Younis

Focussed on the overall development of the Union and its officers. 


About Qas

Hey Hey Hey, I’m Qas, and I’m your VP Union Development! I recently finished my BA in Politics and International Relations. During my time at University, I have tried everything from running to American Football and even the Harry Potter society before becoming involved with the Student’s Union. I’ve been involved with LUSU at every opportunity, from being on my College’s JCR for two years, to working for LUSU in multiple jobs, as well as travelling overseas with them twice. Aside from that I did spend some time working on my degree, contrary to popular belief.

Some of my key objectives for the year are:

  • Securing Sugar’s future – We all know the Sugarhouse is going to face a tough time in the near future, and I want to ensure we fully maximise it’s potential to protect it for students. This could come in the range of events put on there, be they new and different, daytime events or utilising the space for other Student groups.
  • Effectively support the Colleges in delivering their activities for students – JCR execs are so important to what happens at university and ensuring they have the knowledge and right support to be able to do what they want, and deliver campaigns, events or sporting weekends is so important to the student experience.  With that, I want to closely work with the JCRs in what they actually deliver and trying new things rather than sticking to a tired old formula.
  • Lastly, engagement with our democratic structures is vital to be able to operate as a Student’s Union but this shouldn’t just be at peak times such as elections, we have an ideas system for a reason, and after a year of use we are even better positioned to fully utilise that and hear what our students want.

These are just some of the objectives I’ve set, but there is always something else going on and I’ll be working on various other projects throughout year!


Please email me with anything you need at, or stop me around campus, if you’ve got any questions!

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