Hannah Laycock

Represents students, leads campaigns and is involved particularly in academic student issues.  

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Hi All!

I’m Hannah, your VP Education here in LUSU. My role covers a lot of stuff, but my biggies are the Academic Rep system, Academic Campaigns, and dealing with any issues facing students as you go through your degree. I’m here to represent both UnderGrad and PostGrad students alike! There’s a danger with my role to become a bit separated from you guys as students, which is why this year I’ll be running an Academic Campaign shaped by your queries and concerns to make sure I stay relevant to the students of today. I’m also working towards a strengthening of our academic rep system. I’ve heard some of you don’t even know what a rep is, or who yours is which is obviously a biggg issue!

Be on the lookout for the Student Led Teaching Awards this year as we make them bigger and better! If you encounter a tutor, lecturer or just a staff member who’s really helped you out, nominate them online for an award!

I’m hoping to get a lot done this year with help from lots of you, and I really want to show that the Union is here for your academic issues as well as social J

If you have any questions or want to get involved or just want to chat about books n stuff don’t hesitate to email me at lusu.vp.education@lancaster.ac.uk

See you Soon!!!!