Ian Meeks

Hi, I’m Ian, I did an integrated Masters in Physics and I am now VP Education at Lancaster SU.

I want to use my position to empower students and make sure Lancaster University is improved for the student.


Working on my manifesto is a top priority:

• Push the university into researching the current Black Attainment gap

• Work with Department Deans to increase quality of assessment and feedback

• Give Academic Reps the feel of power when looking to improve the academic system

• Improve study space on campus, whilst beginning the implementation of off-campus study space

• And many more!


Work takes up a lot of my time, though I still find time to play pool for County, as I have for over three years, and head to the gym. If I just want to chill then I grab a book, I am a big reader now and can get sucked into a book with ease. I enjoy watching a lot of films, ranging from classics to current day, including the occasional animation.


Send me an e-mail or follow me on Twitter @LUSUVPEducation