Nick Dearman

Represents students, leads campaigns and is involved particularly in academic student issues.


Ow do! Nick’s my name and education is my game! So everything from Academic Reps to campaigning on student academic issues, I’m your guy! #repedemic

This role can often be seen as the “boring” FTO but I think that’s unfair and pretty much amounts to slander. Whether it’s battling against the rising costs of higher education or fighting to improve the academic experience of our students, I believe this job is more relevant and important than ever.

I have just finished my BSc in Physics and during my time here I’ve been involved in Furness JCR and Bar Sports (just for the sport bit I swear). In my personal time I enjoy winding down, be it through reading, listening to music, watching the football, or playing video games. I also am a big board game nerd.

So yeah, if you see me around campus, come up to me and say Hi! (I’m lonely) I’m a big fan a talking to people face to face so I won’t bite, I promise.


Increased Support for Students with Disabilities:

  1. Work with the University on an implementation plan for bridging the funding gap for disabled student support with the cuts to DSA.
  2. Campaign for increased lecture recording across the University. Lecture capture would be a powerful revision tool for students and also would provide invaluable academic support for students with disabilities.
  3. Work with the Disability service on campus to better inform students on what support they can access.

Improving the Intercalation System:

  1. Improve the support and communication before, during and after their Intercalation period.
  2. Ensure there is a regular review of the intercalation process and make sure student feedback sits at the heart of these reviews.
  3. To improve how departments operate in respect to intercalation by ensuring all departments follow the guidelines, this is so there is no inconsistencies/gaps in the support students receive.

Developing the Post-Graduate Academic Experience:

  1. Ensure there is a clear PGR voice in our academic rep representation structures through a Research-specific faculty forum.
  2. Have a review into how we as a union could better support postgraduate students.
  3. Look for avenues in the University to better improve the experience/provision of postgraduate students.
If you want to get in touch feel free to email me at